NixPlay: Gifting a Digital Photo Frame

Hellooooo Black Friday season. Are you in a rush to grab all the deals coming your way? Before adding more debt and clutter, ask yourself these questions that organized people ask before buying:

-Can I pay cash when the bill comes?
-Have I looked for a coupon or comparison shopped?
-Is it the right gift for the recipient?
-Do I (or they) have room for it?
-Is it likely to be useful for a lifetime?
-Is it made of plastic? Is there an alternative?
-Does it require a subscription, service, or training that makes it a hassle?

Now that you’ve got some great purchase filters in mind, and the plan to only buy awesome deals this week, here are some of my favorite gift ideas.

Gifting a digital photo frame Nixplay


Gift a Digital Photo Frame

I’m using a digital photo frame to enjoy family pictures in a whole new way. You’ve probably seen digital photo frames before, and maybe even owned one yourself. Truth be told, I’ve seen more digital frames in thrift stores, still in boxes, than you want to know about. They used to be clunky and hard to keep current. It’s time to take a new look at digital photo frames, and maybe add them into your holiday gift list.

A digital photo frame is a home run when:

  1. Young children can see your family photos at home without their own phone or tablet
  2. You would love to get or share photo updates easily and privately with other households, like grandparents

Digital Photo Frames Show Children Family History

When my kids were little, we had a photo frame in the living room that rotated a a display of photos from my phone. I would often catch them draped over the chair, looking at the pictures, one after the other. This is the way kids today enjoy their family stories. Instead of looking through print photo albums, kids build connections with grandparents, traditions and holidays, and memories of regular days with digital pictures.

Having a digital photo frame in our dining room is still a draw for my kids now that they are older. Whether I run a random stream of photos or a curated set of photos, they have something to connect them to our past, our friends, and our family.

Last Halloween, I curated a set of photos from each previous Halloween, going back to their baby days. It took less than 15 minutes to find and feature the photos through the app, and was a lot of fun to watch, over and over, as it rotated through.

A digital photo frame gives young kiddos something to look at and enjoy without having to hand over your expensive phone, tablet, or computer.

Gifting a digital photo frame Nixplay

Digital Photo Frames Keep Family Connected

Many adult children gift digital frames to grandparents in the hope that they can stay connected. Older frames were a great idea, but most frames stayed turned off to save power or because the grandparents tended to get tired of the same photos rotating over and over.

Today’s best class of connected frames, like those from Nixplay, make sharing photos so much more fun and stylish. The frames are BE-U-Tiful! Check out these gorgeous frames from Nixplay. These aren’t basic. They even look nice from the back. I have the 10.1″ black touchscreen model, but I really love the metallic frames, too.


Gifting a digital photo frame Nixplay

They are also fun to run. Just make sure you’ve got wifi at the frame’s location, and you’re ready to send smiles and stay connected. Download the Nixplay app on your phone or computer, and you’ve got a zippy way to send photos to one or more Nixplay frames at the same time. You can take a picture and send it to your frame immediately! It’s like magic for those on the receiving end.

It’s better than texting because those photos become part of a playlist on the frame, playing on rotation, but always fresh if you keep sending photos.

It’s better than posting on Facebook because it’s private, only going to the frames you choose.

It’s got fewer restrictions than shared albums on Google or even Apple Photos.

It’s more inclusive because you can let other family members also send to that same frame anytime they want using the Nixplay app.

It’s better because you load the photos from your phone onto an app. You don’t even have to open the box or touch the frame to get things going!

It’s way easier than printing and mailing!

From your home base, with the Nixplay app, you can group photos together into playlists so your family that has the frame can always have a fun new picture or short video update from you with so little effort. The controls on the touchscreen models are there when you need them, right on the screen with just a tap.

Gifting a digital photo frame Nixplay with touchscreen controls

Benefits of Digital Photo Frames

  • Much larger screen than your phone
  • Share pictures with a room of people, whether in the same house or far away
  • View all pictures or create sets of pictures, like a show featuring just one holiday
  • Only on when people are around to view it; power saving features turn off automatically

A Gift They Won’t Return: Gifting a Digital Photo Frame

I get it. You either LOVE the new and shiny tech stuff, or you worry about it becoming a very expensive paperweight. Will it really be easy to set up? Will it be easy for mom to run a their place? Will you really be able to find the photos you want to share? Yes, yes, and yes.

Purchase Nixplay frames through this affiliate link.