The Queen Would Approve

The entire world watched as England’s Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest on 9-19-2022. It’s obvious that the queen appreciated planning and organization. As I watched the pomp and circumstance, I was struck by how many people it took to carry off such a well-orchestrated, somber and dignified event over ten days. Literally every step was designed and planned well in advance of her passing. In honor of Queen Elizabeth, I offer these organized ideas.


steps with a harlequin pattern


Wear Your Jewels Every Day

On the day Queen Elizabeth was buried, I wore my Crown Jewels. This necklace and matching earrings were a gift to myself on my trip to England back in 2002.

Crown Jewels souvenirs


They were pricey for the time, but easy to pack and always a fond reminder of my visit to the Tower of London, a must-see for London visitors. I talked myself into buying them because I promised myself I’d wear them and not just stick them in a drawer. It’s a monologue I’ve repeated on many trips since then. I wear my Crown Jewels often. Indeed, I wear all of my jewelry often because I have kept my collection relatively small and easy to see, mostly in just one drawer. Having a small but meaningful collection makes it easy to find just the right piece for every occasion, even when that occasion happens only once in a lifetime.

My Crown Jewels


Find Any Photo in Under 2 Minutes

Here’s me in front of the Tower Bridge back then, with that short corporate haircut, not great on me, but undoubtedly influenced by the hairstyles that Princess Diana had popularized then. Writing this paragraph took longer than it took me to find this photo to share with you. Obviously, the queen would approve of the efficiency of being able to put your hands on any important document or photograph in two minutes or less.

Tower Bridge circa 2002


Snap Memories, not Landmarks

I pared down my old photos recently and only kept a very small handful of photos that were place markers of landmarks. Without an explanation, you probably wouldn’t know when this photo was taken or where. Thousands of tourists every year take this exact same picture of the residential apartments inside the Tower of London. If I had included myself or my friends in the foreground, it would have been a much more meaningful shot.

Tower of London Guard

That doesn’t mean you should always toss landmark-only photos. I often take for granted the connection my home has with its English roots. In fact, I named one of my companies Blue Tudor Books after our home’s style and color, straight out of British history.

How to choose exterior house color-11

Here’s how to take excellent travel photos that you’ll want to see again and again, even decades later. Include your favorite people in the photos. Here are me and my mini travel companion more recently in another classic British setting. This little gal is nearly as tall as me now. The queen would undoubtedly agree that the even most pedestrian setting can be meaningful with your favorite people in the photograph.

red British phone booths


Many of my British and Canadian friends tell me they’ve felt oddly emotional about losing their queen. I fear that what we’ve really lost is some civility and quiet strength from a female world leader, the likes of whom we will not see again soon. At the dinner table, I often ask if the kids would act the way they do if the queen were having dinner with us. Now I’ve got to come up with a new line.

Save Your Photos Month Events

The Queen Would Approve

Speaking of hospitality, you are invited to two photo events. I hope to see you in person or online:


  • Create a Photo Legacy with Digital and Print Photos at the Tredyffrin Public Library, 9/27/22, 6-7 pm. Register for this hybrid event, both online and in person.