What’s in it for You: Save Your Photos Month

Are you getting together with family this holiday weekend? Taking pictures? Making new memories? I hope you enjoy every minute. If you want to do something meaningful that won’t take much effort at all, register now for free #SYPM classes. Save Your Photos Month is when The Photo Managers answers your question, “What can I do to organize, protect, and share my family photos?”

Save Your Photos with free short classes


What’s in it for You: Save Your Photos Month

Don’t live in fear of losing your photos. Register now for free 15-minute classes at Https://SaveYourPhotos.org and you can listen to the first batch of free classes while driving to your vacation destination or resting over the holiday weekend.


Why Do We Need Save Your Photos Month?

One client moved all of her photos onto an external hard drive to organize them…and then lost the hard drive.

A client shipped all of her photos to be organized, scanned, and uploaded to their clouds/phones. She lives in California, always under fire threat. 

An 80-year old wants to pass down her wedding video and over 100 other films to her three children and several grandchildren…and has no idea how to do it. 

A client got credit for backing up, but backups of backups made it impossible to find anything good.

A former employee lost her phone in the sand at the beach. It wasn’t backed up at the time.

My own PC exploded on my desk not long ago. It was loud.

Register now for Save Your Photos Month

Don’t let budget, time, or not being a “techie” get in the way.

I get it. You’re busy. But there are easy and quick things you can do to protect your photos from climate change threats, accidental damage, and quiet neglect.

There are better ways to save and share vintage photos than snapping a (low quality) picture of a picture.

If you are a fix-your-own-bike-tire kind of person, then you’ll love the #SYPM direction and advice . If you need a little (or a lot of) help, we’ll be honored to work with you. You can always contact me to find out how. 

Register now for free, short Save Your Photos Month classes. Click on the logo below.

Save Your Photos Month 2022

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