All the Tools – Save Your Photos Month 2022

Save Your Photos Month is right around the corner. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the industry leaders about organizing YOUR family photos…all for free! It’s our industry’s commitment to help everyone save your photos from climate disasters, accidental damage, and quiet neglect.

What is Save Your Photos Month?

This year’s Save Your Photos Month free online classes are released throughout September and are all about 15 minutes or less. Whatever topic you are interested in, you can get in and take action quickly. Seriously, we at The Photo Managers provide nearly all the tools to help you plan or finish what you are doing with your photos…for free.


Free Photo Organizing Classes for Save Your Photos

Last weekend we went for a ride on the trail. During the five-hour ride, we stopped for lunch, ice cream, and brownies at different points along the route. (It takes bribes to keep the kiddo on the trail that long!) It was a gorgeous cloudy day, perfect for biking. Midway through the trail, I spied this tool tower for bikers.

bike repair tower with tools


All the essential bike repair tools are tethered to the pole, and there’s a foot-pedal air pump to fix a flat.

bike repair tools


Whoever put this tower here even included helpful instructions!

instructions on how to use tools


Why Work with A Photo Organizer if You Can Do It Yourself?

I know how to change a flat and maintain my bike. Even though this set of tools is right where I can use them FOR FREE, I always take my bike into a pro shop at least once a year, even after I fix my own flats.

I pay good money for a pro to do the work that I actually know how to do.


My bike is important to me, and I want to keep it in good shape so I can enjoy biking without getting stranded.

I rely on my bike mechanic for the same reason you might hire a pro photo organizer.

Although I know how to maintain my bike, I’d rather spend my time doing other things.

Although I can change a flat, I only change about one each year. The bike store changes dozens each day, so they are faster and just better at it.

Although I have some tools, they have better tools.

Although I can fix some things, in the past I have caused secondary problems because I didn’t — ahem — really know what I was doing with those brakes.

Although I can keep doing things the way I was taught twenty years ago, the tools, systems, and recommendations have changed a lot since then, and I want the best for my bike.

You see, I love to ride, not play bike mechanic.

Just like you love to enjoy your pictures and memories, not fix cranky scanners, fiddle with metadata, and sort stacks of dusty, disorganized photos.

happy bike rider


Free Classes: Save Your Photos Month

I get down and dirty with the tech and time-consuming parts of photo organizing, but this year I’ll be teaching one of the most non-techie classes this #SYPM: What to Toss and What to Keep (recording available on 9/19). I’ll also be listening to these classes:

How to Preserve the Family Photo Album from Phil Griffith of PSG Photo Solutions

Choosing a Personal Photo Scanner from Allison Pihl of Photographic Memories

How to Create a Recipe family Memory Book from Faith Van Wort of Adventures with Photos

Save Your Photos Month free class

Pre-register for free now and get all the Save Your Photos Month info info here. #SYPM

Register now and listen to the first set of classes over the holiday weekend, if that’s your plan.

Save Your Photos Month 2022

Do you have a question about your photos, or are you tired of saying, “I’ll get to it someday?” Please contact us for complete done-for-you photo organizing, and we might have your project done in just a couple of months.

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