Avoid these 5 Photo Book Mistakes

We loooove photo books here. While you can hold fifty thousand photos in the palm of your hand on your phone, how many of them are you enjoying? A printed photo book is meant to be savored, shared, and loved. We want you to make more photo books! I also want you to avoid these 5 photo book mistakes.

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Back in the days of film, we had photo albums. Now, since most new photos are born digital, albums are sometimes called “digital photo books” because they turn those digital photos into photo books you can hold. So much better than slide-in albums, these are a joy to hold and share, just like any of your favorite books.


Avoid these 5 Photo Book Mistakes

Photo Book Mistake #1: Not adding titles on the cover and spine

You might have to dig a little if you are DIY-ing your photo book, but it’s worth it to figure out how to add a title to your digital photo book’s cover and spine. Fifty years from now, will your family members know what the story is about? Don’t make them guess. Add a title on your photo book cover and spine.

Photo Book Mistake #2: Cramming too many pics on a page

There’s a bit of math involved in making a photo book look really great. Many of your favorite pictures are at least 4×6, because that’s a good size for our eyes. How many times a day do you zoom into a picture on your phone? We want to see the detail! Especially in those vintage photos, where some detail might already have faded, don’t make your reader squint! In general, try to stick to 2-4 pictures per page. If you are printing a book smaller than 8×8″, consider having just one picture per page. A book that’s 10×10″ or 12×12″ can hold one or two more pictures before it looks crowded. A little white space in your book is actually a good thing. Make your pictures as large as possible, and give your pics room to shine.

Photo Book Mistake #3: Cheeping out on photo book paper

You might not know what you are getting the first photo book you make, but you’ll notice when it arrives. There is a HUGE range of paper out there. Thin and thick pages, photo paper versus press paper, and so many paper weights and finishes. In general, buy the best paper you can afford. After all, this is your legacy. The thicker, stiffer paper is great for little hands. We want the young people in our lives to handle these pictures and see themselves in our story. Photos can mean the world to children, so let them see themselves in print, and buy sturdy books so you don’t have to worry about ripped pages.

Photo Book Mistake #4: Printing only one copy

You’ve spent hours picking out the best photos. You’ve placed them lovingly in the design. All the hard work is done! If the book is for grandma and grandpa, order a second copy for yourself. Making a book featuring your toddlers? Make copies for all the grandparents, godparents, aunts, and uncles. They make great holiday gifts.

Photo Book Mistake #5: Not making a book at all

You know what I always say: Done is better than perfect. Yes, there are a lot of decisions that go into making your book. A lot! You might not find the process of making your photo book fun, but I guarantee that you’ll love having made the book when it’s all over. If you can’t get there on your own, I’ll teach you how to make your first photo book, or we’ll do it for you, from selecting just the right photos to creating the design, choosing the title, and putting a beautiful keepsake in your hands. You don’t have to do it alone. Contact us now for seasonal gifts you’ll love. 

19 Done is better than perfect