Your Disorganized Photos are like Blockbuster Video

Remember Blockbuster Video movie rentals? That rent-rewind-return model is so primitive compared to the modern-day Netflix movie experience powered by databases, and it can help explain why you need photo organizing software. Disorganized photos are a bummer. We make photos fun again for you by putting a photo database in place so it can organize your photos for you. You don’t have to be a tech genius to understand databases because you already use them every day.

Your Disorganized Photos are like Blockbuster Video

Your Disorganized Photos are like Blockbuster Video

The Blockbuster Video experience was clunky and very limiting, right? You drove to the store and selected from the tapes that were on the wall. You looked and looked for a video that the last guy moved to the wrong spot. If I wanted a video you had, I had to wait for you to return it. The people who worked at the store had to move the tapes around by hand every day, and the only way to get the movie to play more than once was to buy duplicate copies of each tape for the “New Releases” wall. It was expensive, inconvenient, and time-consuming. That’s like your photos without a photo management software. Sure, you can see your photo files on your Mac or PC, but they aren’t “smart” and they aren’t organized without you doing a lot of work.

You Can Find Your Favorite Photos as Easily as Your Favorite Netflix Movie

You might not know much about databases, but if you watch movies or shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Verizon On Demand, Comcast, or any similar service, you are already using a database like a pro. These streaming services are huge databases. The software that runs the databases allows you and me to watch the same movie in different locations, starting at different times, but with hardly an effort at all, and never any rewinding.

Photo management software uses databases, too, which makes it easy to play with your photos, because the software has already organized them. Photo software is so much more advanced than just a file manager on the PC or Finder on the Mac. It doesn’t just store photos. A good photo management database allows the software (not you) to easily do cool things like:

  • “Magically” organize your photos by date
  • Find and remove duplicates
  • Create meaningful groups of photos without making copies
  • Tag faces of people you love
  • Mark your favorite photos so you can find them later
  • and that’s just the start!

So how do you find these smart photo software databases? You probably already have one of the most advanced options — and the one we like the best — Apple Photos. If you have an iPhone or a Mac, Apple Photos comes free with those devices. If you have an iPhone and a PC, you can still get to your iPhone photos on the big screen from your PC using We help people learn how to use that software without ever having to worry about what the database is doing. 🙂 You’re welcome.

Organized Photos Lead to Finished Projects

Our favorite projects are the ones where we scan hundreds or thousands of old photos and add them to your photo management software, and then use the power of the database to find and group those amazing, one-of-a-kind photos from years ago, just as easily as you enjoy the photos you took yesterday.

Our favorite clients are making books, calendars, and slideshows on a regular basis (or we do it for them)…because they can. 

There is other photo management software, but why not start with the one you already own and kinda sorta know how to use?

If you want to graduate from Blockbuster Video hassles (disorganized photos) to the easy “Netflix” convenience of organized photos, find out more about how we organize your photos here.