“This Makes Me Happy” (Organizing at Home)

I’ve heard this same phrase many, many times over the years, and several times just this week. “This makes me happy.” That’s why we organize at home and at work.

This Makes Me Happy- Organizing at home

It could be as simple as putting labels into a pantry, so your family members can help you with groceries.

Pantry organizing before and after:

Organizing-This Makes Me Happy-6-walk in pantry before Organizing-This Makes Me Happy-7-pantry after


It’s positively joyful when you can finally get back to the crafts you love, without worrying about having to wade through a mess.

Craft room organizing before and after:

Organizing-This Makes Me Happy-3 Craft room before Organizing-This Makes Me Happy-8-craft room afteros


What a joy to fall in love with your home again, with a complete design project. I’m just teasing this one, since there is a much longer post coming about this 3-story redesign we just completed. This mix of old and new, bold color and crisp white, elegance and casual are just my cup of tea in this dining room in a Victorian home, below. The kaleidoscope bedroom from this project was featured here.

Dining Room Redesign

Organizing-This Makes Me Happy-5


Photo Organizing before and after:

The photo organizing remotely with clients all over the country (California, Texas, Atlanta, New Jersey, and many, many other places) is a little harder to show in this article. It’s music to my ears when people rediscover pictures they thought were lost, or see photos of their babies for the first time in years after those photos are unlocked from old computers, camera cards, and drives.

Recently, my team and I have been unlocking the mysteries of the iCloud for many of our PC users by teaching them about iCloud.com. If you have an iPhone but no Mac, head over wot https://iCloud.com on any browser on your PC and see how easy and fun it is to see your photos on a bigger screen than your phone. You can do some basic photo organizing there, which might just be enough to make you over-the-moon happy.

They may not be professional photos, but they are YOUR memories that tell YOUR story, and I love teaching you how to enjoy your photos again. Here’s one of me at a community Holi festival last month. Definitely not going in my modeling portfolio (lol), but So. Much. Fun. So. Much. Color!

Organizing photos-This Makes Me Happy


Nina? This makes her happy: spending time with her people, especially when I put her in charge of the company label maker (she’s holding it down in this picture).

Organizing-This Makes Me Happy-2

I hope you take some time this week to really enjoy whatever makes you happy.