Who Does What to Whom: Better Task List Productivity

Looking for better task list productivity? Here are two easy task management tools that work with whatever task list you use, whether it’s online or on paper.


better task list productivity tips

Task List Productivity Tip #1

Start every task with an action verb: Call, return, research, pay, write, file, shop, pick up, schedule, coordinate, etc.

Why an action verb? The minute you write down your task, you have a very clear idea of what needs to be done, but a few days, a week, or a month from now, your actions might not be so clear. Help your future self remember exactly what you meant to do so you can get it done.

This is also my sneaky trick for people who have trouble making decisions. You might need to do something with insurance, for instance, but if you were to write down “insurance,” that doesn’t quite help you reduce overwhelm. Do you need to file paperwork? Compare plans? Call your agent? Print an insurance card? You might need to do all of these, but you only need to do ONE of them next. Writing down the right next thing is all you need to do. Easy, peasy.


Task List Productivity Tip #2

Who does what to whom? Don’t be cryptic. Write a complete thought. “Return shoes to DSW” is a complete thought, as is “Have Jay return shoes to DSW.” Ask yourself the question, “Who does what to whom?” to write a good task. Add a WHEN to make it great.  “Have Jay return shoes to DSW before 4/1.”

“Shoes” is NOT a complete thought. If you see a scrap note or sticky note in a month or two, will “shoes” mean anything to you? Probably not. That’s where clutter starts.


Better Task List Productivity

Better time management and task management very often doesn’t require BIG change. These two small changes might be exactly what you need to become a little bit or a lot more productive.

Do you think that changing these two small habits can reap big changes for you?


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