Small Apartment Organizing

This isn’t just the big story of a small apartment. Actually, it is about the amazing, resilient woman who lives here, but her story isn’t really mine to tell. This woman has been on a journey, and my team was grateful to get her settled a little more into her new home. This small apartment organizing job gives her everything she needs in a compact space.

Small Apartment Organizing before and after

Small Apartment Organizing

I truly hope this inspires you to mix up your things and create space for what you need in your own home.

Small Apartment Organizing Area 1

The living room felt squished when we arrived…

Small Apartment Organizing-living room


While the bedroom was large but packed with things like bikes and storage…

Small Apartment Organizing-bikes


Storing the bikes in the living room may seem odd, but it is perfect so a young family can get out the door quickly.

Small Apartment Organizing-living room

Small Apartment Organizing Area 2

She was trying to set up some kind of station for getting in and out of the apartment, and had plenty of bins stacked on a table in the right general area, but she needed some direction…

Small Apartment Organizing-beauty zone


When we saw the tiny bathroom and the large bedroom that seemed under-utilized…

Small Apartment Organizing-beauty zone


We suggested setting up a beauty zone with the bar-height table and mirror from the living room, with her closet on the left and her dresser on the right…

Small Apartment Organizing-beauty zone


We moved the mirror from the living room to create this beauty bar zone. That’s plenty of space to keep everything within easy reach for stress-free mornings…

Small Apartment Organizing-beauty zone


Picking out today’s outfit couldn’t be easier…

Small Apartment Organizing-beauty zone with closet

Small Apartment Organizing Area 3

Making some changes at the front door included moving a short shelf to hold her purse, her keys on magnetic hooks, and even a tray to hold incoming mail. As a bonus, we set up her aroma diffuser, too. Who doesn’t want to come home to a nice-smelling house?

Small Apartment Organizing-entry drop zone


The living room also includes the entertainment station and the workout gear, each lined up and easy to access. If your apartment also has to be your gym, it can still look tidy and be easy to maintain. If your workout gear is front and center, it’s harder to ignore.

Small Apartment Organizing-entry workout area


Bonus 1: Paperwork Organizing

After touching almost every space in this apartment in just one afternoon, I couldn’t leave without starting her on her way to organized household files, too. She was motivated and already had all the supplies: A teal file box, hanging files, and file folders. She used the simple starter file categories I shared with you a few weeks ago and got rid of a big box of recycling.

Small Apartment Organizing-paperwork organizing

Bonus 2: The Little Library

Last but not least, we were able to tuck in a little reading nook into the bedroom. We didn’t let lack of shelving get in the way. A copy paper box turned on its side is holding the spot for now, and her daughter has easy access to her favorite books. Eventually she may bring in another short cubby shelf.


We made all of these changes in just three hours. It’s amazing what you can do when you get started, which is Step 1 in the SORT and Succeed system.

What was your favorite part of this small apartment organizing before-and-after?

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  1. I love these solutions you’ve created! It’s true that it’s often harder to find space to store items in a smaller space, so you need to be a bit creative. Great job!

    1. Darla

      Thanks for stopping by. You’ve used that creative muscle in small spaces, too, I’m sure.

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