Leave a Legacy Contact on Apple

Apple has finally added an important security feature: the ability to request Legacy Contact access on Apple accounts after a loved one passes away. The account owner sets this up in advance, so now is the time to set up and leave a legacy contact on your own Apple account.

Leave a Legacy Contact (Apple devices)


Why Leave a Legacy Contact on Apple Devices?

Now you can easily pass down all of your photos on your phone. 

Business owners can make a business transition easier. 

There will be one less code that your loved ones have to crack. 

Yes, it applies to YOU whether you are all-Apple or you just have an iPhone. Here’s the link with the details to create and assign that Apple Legacy Contact key. The important starting point is that your Apple device must have the latest software, so if you haven’t yet updated to Monterey software on your Mac, now is the time. The good news is that we’ve heard almost universally good reports about this update since it was introduced last fall. The same goes for your iPhone; you’ll need the latest iOS to use this feature.

Not sure if you are set? Schedule a meeting with our professional organizers, and we’ll help you through all those questions you were too afraid to ask.

If this kicks off a family discussion about other important end-of-life planning events, that wouldn’t be so bad, would it? This is one of many places to leave a legacy contact, both in your digital life and the old fashioned way. It’s an act of love to make your passing easier for your family.