SORT and Succeed for Organizing Maintenance

“I had to clean up my pile of clothes again!” Listen, organizing maintenance is a thing. You haven’t “failed” at organizing because you had to do it…again. Use SORT and Succeed for organizing maintenance to make your life easier.

SORT and Succeed for Organizing Maintenance

We’ll be organizing until we leave this earth. It’s like brushing teeth or making dinner. We’re gonna have to do it again tomorrow! That’s maintenance.

The trick is–and the reason I run a Facebook group for daily, ongoing support— to help you learn and follow a simple system to you can get in, get out, and get on with your life.

If you always feel like you are “cleaning out your closet” or whatever organizing chore you hate, it’s because you haven’t set up a self-maintaining system.

Most people just pile things and then have to take time to “clean it up” later.

SORT and Succeed for Organizing Maintenance

Instead, use SORT and Succeed to dig yourself out of a pile of clutter, and then STAY organized by creating self-maintianing systems (that’s in step 4, the Tweaking step), so that you stay mostly organized most of the time.

The five steps of SORT and Succeed work both to get you organized quickly AND to help you stay organized with mini-routine that don’t feel like a big deal, and just become daily habits, like brushing your teeth twice a day.

How to Get Organized with SORT and Succeed System


What is an organizing system and how do I set one up?

A system will have four parts:

1. a place,
2. supplies,
3. a step-by-step process,
4. and dedicated time.

Here are some organizing system examples:

Systems are more than tips. 

Laundry Routine that Saves Time and Money

Birthday Month Organizing Routines

If you are still wondering what an organizing system looks like, or how you can change up a routine so it becomes effortless, please post here. we can help you brainstorm how to create systems in YOUR life and home.

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  1. Life Uncluttered

    All good tips. I especially like “tweak,” because it shows that your organization system isn’t written in stone from the beginning. Change what needs to change to meet your needs!

    1. Darla

      Exactly! Thanks for stopping by.

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