Organizing Success (Red, White, and Champagne)

What’s your reward for getting to the end of another January AND keeping your organizing promises? I think this calls for champagne! Maybe red? Or white? What’s your reward for your organizing success?

Maybe your reward is joining me at my next free organizing event? January 31, 2022 7pm- SORT and Succeed for with Clutter Control Strategies,Take Care of You in 2022 through Organizing  free registration, event via Zoom hosted by the Haverford Township Free Library. You need to register before the event to get the link. See you there. You are welcome to BYOB to the call. 🙂 

Organizing Success with Champagne


If you’ve taken the free online mini course for SORT and Succeed, you know that Step 5 is claiming your reward.

Whether you’ve made a little progress, a big change, or finished a project completely, you get to reward your brain for your organizing effort.

organizing success

I love it when the reward is obvious. This client has my permission to take a bottle of bubbly from the top shelf of his formerly unusable wine rack, now nicely labeled and sorted by category.

Hey, maybe you were going to have a glass of wine tonight anyway. It’ll taste better if you are celebrating your #OrganizingWins.

Celebrate your Organizing Success

Too often people don’t finish with Step 5. They don’t claim a reward. They think it’s fluff. Or they don’t think they did “enough” to get a reward. (Fifteen minutes is enough.) They are waiting for complete completion. Or perfection.

You can stop feeling guilty for that few minutes you take for yourself, and instead, call it your reward for making progress. You are training your brain to be a better organizer.

Cheers to your organizing success and to making it through January a little bit more organized.

Here’s another look at those nice, big one inch labels we love so much. Aren’t they lovely?

Organizing Success (Red, White, and Champagne)


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