Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom

January is almost over. Have you met your organizing goals, aka New Year’s resolutions? My daily articles covered a range of topics in January to help you with your space, time, files, and information. (Find all the January articles here.) You can think of today’s eye-candy as a reward for tackling some tough topics this week. Here are five easy ways to refresh your bedroom.

Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom


What were those tough topics? You can read Questions Seniors Ask About Organizing Paperwork  and Questions Seniors Ask About Organizing Paperwork Part 2. So many of you said that you found them helpful. Thanks for leaving comments down below.

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Now onto those easy bedroom refresh ideas…

Take your bedroom from nice:

to even nicer in just a week:

Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom


Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom

  1. Start with color. Today’s trends are light and bright. This bedroom has a light aqua wall color… with a twist. We carried the same color up onto the ceiling to give a more cohesive look. It also makes the low ceiling look higher. Contact me for a color consultation to correct problems like this in your rooms.
  2. Update flooring. Carpet is out; hardwoods are in. If you already have hardwoods, show them off! If you can’t replace dark carpet, add a room-sized rug to lighten the look.
  3. Update your overhead lighting. Think of this as jewelry for your room. Make sure it has at least three bulbs and a little bling…or as much bling as possible.
  4. Relocate your bedside lamps to above your headboard. Wall-mounted fixtures give you more space, declutter your nightstand, and make a style statement.
  5. Hang your curtains higher. Curtains should hug the ceiling, not be mounted on your window molding. It draws the eyes up and makes the whole room more stately.

This was almost all the same furniture and bedding, with only the headboard new. These five easy bedroom refresh changes are subtle, but all together make a dramatic upgrade. What do you think?

This bedroom refresh was part of a home staging plan. It sold shortly after this redesign for more than the list price. Learn more about choosing HeartWork Organizing as your home staging company.

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  1. Monique Sarkessian

    So about home much did it cost to do this type of redo? It sounds very reasonable?

    1. Darla

      This is a very cost-effective update, since we kept almost all of the furniture and bedding. Some people will balk at effort of removing the carpet and repainting all walls + ceiling, but that’s a reasonable DIY or hiring a painter for a day. The hardwood floor was is excellent shape, so adding an 8×10′ rug was also affordable. The three light fixtures cost about $100 each, and because there was already a light fixture in the ceiling, it is another DIY, or hire an electrician. The two sconces are plug-ins, so I installed those for my client. This was part of a larger whole-home prep to sell in the next 1-3 years, which is the smart way to go. These folks get to enjoy an updated home before they eventually list it for sale.

  2. Monique

    *how much*

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