Add Shelves to Tiny Bathroom

Do you have a tiny bathroom that needs more storage? Seriously, I am just grateful to have a first floor powder room, but any bathroom can usually use a bit more storage, and mine sure did. Here I’ll show you how to add shelves to a tiny bathroom.

Add Shelves to a Tiny Bathroom


How to Add Shelves to Tiny Bathroom

I showed you this tiny bathroom last year when I upgraded the powder room light fixture.  Storage is extremely limited here. You’ve got yer classic tank-top storage…

Add Shelves to a Tiny Bathroom before


And yer classic radiator-top storage. There’s barely room to walk in and turn around here, so having everything at hip-height feels very cluttery.

Add Shelves to a Tiny Bathroom-before


Which Shelves to Add to a Tiny Bathroom?

I hemmed and hawed over this project for ages because I wanted to DIY the shelves from scratch, but the truth is that I just haven’t had the time. I finally purchased this small shelving set from Amazon (affiliate link). But really, if you are the least bit handy, this is just two boards, painted white, small enough to fit into some angle brackets, which are easily available online and probably at your local hardware store.

This set comes neatly packed with all hardware.

Add Shelves to a Tiny Bathroom


I videotaped me installing it, which took exactly 20:41, but that included a lot of blabbering about how to do it. It’ll probably take you even less time. Just remember one thing: even though these shelves are small and don’t need to carry much weight, if you don’t install into a stud, you should use the anchors provided.

Add Shelves to a Tiny Bathroom - after


Where to Add Shelves to Tiny Bathroom

I installed the shelves 22″ above the tank to allow us to get in there when we need to. The lower shelf is the right height so the guest towels are easy to reach.

Add Shelves to a Tiny Bathroom


The higher shelf is the perfect spot for my ceramic diffuser. It’s roughly at adult nose-height, and it’s out of reach from smaller hands.

Add Shelves to a Tiny Bathroom diffuser


We’ve talked about my little ceramic diffuser for essential oils on the Clutter-free Facebook group. It’s the perfect way to freshen the air when there’s no electric outlet nearby. Here’s a ceramic essential oil diffuser that’s similar (affiliate link).

Add Shelves to a Tiny Bathroom - diffuser


Our little baskets came back in because it’s where we girls go for a quick hairbrush on the way out of the house, but the tiny bathroom feels much more open now. Plus, the extra TP roll is hiding in the upper basket. I feel much more prepared now. Whew!

Add Shelves to a Tiny Bathroom basket


This was one of those projects that took way, way too long to execute on, but this truth has never been truer:

Don’t settle for fewer shelves than you need

Image from The Upbeat, Organized Home Office.

Do you need more shelves in your tiny bathroom?


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