ReStart Organizing

Remix. Retro. Recycle. ReStart. You can get a lot done when you aren’t starting from scratch. Restart organizing routines to get more organized.


Restart Organizing


If you used to have a routine that kept you organized, it’s totally ok if you lost track of it for a while. That doesn’t mean it didn’t work. It just means that you stopped using it.

This month, try re-starting an old routine to pick up steam with your organizing efforts.

ReStart using a task app again.

ReStart using a visual timer to keep your day on schedule.

ReStart doing your laundry on your favorite day.

ReStart using your stair basket again. 

I restarted using my blog tracker again this month. I’ve used it off and on since 2014 to plan my weekly posts. When you are publishing a new article every day, having a system is a must.

You don’t have to use an organizing routine perfectly for it to work. If you’ve fallen off the wagon, today is a good day to start again.

What will you restart today?