How to Find Space in Kitchen Drawers

I haven’t been in your drawers lately, have I? Today I’m going to help you find more space in your kitchen that you think you have. Especially if you only have one or two kitchen drawers, you want to make the most of them. Here’s how to find space in kitchen drawers.

How to Find Space in Kitchen Drawers

If your drawers look like this, you aren’t alone.

how to find space in kitchen drawers before organizing


You might recognize the problems…

  • drawer dividers that aren’t doing their job
  • more (lids) than you could ever use (It was lids here, but it might be something else at your house.)
  • those lazy bag clips should be working, but are just loafing around
  • a drawer liner that’s bunched up in the bottom, stealing space and making it hard to get the drawer closed

Drawers are perfect SORT and Succeed projects. Get in. Get out. Get your space back. It’s the same process as organizing a junk drawer that I’ve shown you before. I never get tired of showing off organized drawers.

There were really only three problems in these kitchen drawers, and they might be the same problems at your house:

  1. There were doubles of nearly every utensil. Once we picked the ones actually getting used, there was instantly more space.
  2. Many of the utensils in the drawer were vintage items, from grandma’s house. They never get used. If they were ever going to get used, it would be for entertaining. Or never. 🙂 We didn’t have to toss them. We just re-located them to the serving cabinet, giving us more space where it matters everyday.
  3. Lids were taking over. I applaud this gal for using mason jars instead of plastic, but the lids were taking over these two drawers and another shelf! By gathering them all in one place, we could make them behave, only keep out what she could use in a week, and make them easier to get to.


how to find space in kitchen drawers using drawer dividers

how to find space in kitchen drawers-4


My favorite lifetime drawer liners are the perfect thing for the bottom of the drawers (affiliate link). I like the black chevron liner for a bit of style inside the drawer dividers, but you can go for a little more color, too, like this aqua chevron adhesive shelf liner.

You’ve seen 21 days of organizing ideas and systems so far this month. Did you get some ideas on how to find space in your kitchen drawers?

In the remaining few days this month, would you like to see more before-and-afters like this? Or is this too specific for you? Do you like the resources like the organizing book list from yesterday? Or the reminders to take care of the important stuff you’ve been putting off? Sound off in the comments below.

Don’t forget, you can still take the free online mini course for SORT and Succeed to get motivated to clean out your drawers.

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  1. Kathy Strauss

    I always love a before-and-after story, especially with pictures. I liked seeing the dividers made out of cardboard boxes in the pictures above

    1. Darla

      Before and afters are fun, right? If you like the cardboard dividers that we re-purposed, you’ll probably love this: the box that the lids are sitting in is the top of an iPad box. They made the best drawer dividers. Use what you have.

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