Online Banking Password Tracker

Passwords probably make you crazy. They make me crazy, especially when I’m trying to make my money behave. Online banking went from a nice-to-have to a must-have during Covid. I’m here to help you out with an online banking password tracker free download.

Online Banking Password Tracker

Even if you aren’t new to online banking, you know the frustration of having to remember multiple pieces of random information for the same account. What do you mean my account number is different from my online banking login ID, which is different still from my mobile app ID????

I hear you saying that you use one login and password for everything, but you know that’s not safe, and you know it doesn’t actually work. Many sites won’t let you use a password that you’ve previously used. Some sites require special characters, while other sites don’t allow them.

If you have money at more than one bank, if you take care of someone else’s accounts, or if you have investment accounts, password tracking gets complex pretty quickly.

If something were to happen to you, is there a record for your spouse or kids that they could access quickly?

This online banking password tracker can help you stay organized.

How to Use the Online Banking Password Tracker

Save this (PDF version) online banking password tracker to your personal computer, type in the information for each account, and print out the finished copy. File it with your vital records or your estate planning files. Only have a work computer? Don’t compromise security. Print this online banking password tracker and keep it with your checkbook, at your home office desk, or wherever you file financial records.  (Click on the image to download the printable PDF version.)

Online Banking Password Tracker Free Download

Want a customizable version? Download the Vertical/portrait Excel version you can customize.  Need the horizontal versional you see in the PDF above? Here’s the horizontal/landscape Excel version of the online banking password tracker.

If you don’t have a computer and only have a phone, I’d recommend that you print this out (or ask someone to print it for you) and write the relevant information IN PENCIL. Because passwords change over time.

I really hope you take a look at this online banking password tracker. If it helps you, please share this article with someone you love.

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