Organize Closets Like a Pro Organizer

Every closet has its own personality You can make so many tweaks to make yours work for you. Go beyond the basic rod+shelf. Learn to organize closets like a pro organizer. Click on the links below to see even more ideas for each closet.

organize closets like a pro organizer

Organize Closets like a Pro Organizer

Customize your closet. Make it work for you. Move the shelves. Add a dresser. Take the doors off. Use your closet the way you need to use it.


teen closet organizing makeover double hanging


Place items where you can reach them. This is a huge must-do for children’s closets. Make sure little ones can reach their everyday clothes, and make sure things they shouldn’t touch are out of reach.


little girl closet organizing - after


Hide things in plain sight. Christmas gifts or other things you are trying to stash and store don’t need to make a mess in your closet. Use colorful gift bags, sturdy shopping bags, or pretty boxes to hide the clutter up and out of the way.


Closet organizing tips - after


Use what you have before buying anything new. You probably already have shelves and cubbies that can be outfitted nicely…once you get the clutter off the floor. Follow my SORT and Succeed system to save money and time.


organized closet


Don’t under estimate the power of nicely folded linens. Bonus points for sticking to all white linens. They are easy to bleach, look uniform on the shelves even if they are from different batches, and really brighten up a space.


organized linen closet- after


Don’t forget your overhead spaces. Store boots and boxes with seasonal accessories on shelves mounted over the doorframe for a boutique appearance.

organizing a walk-in closet and boots (


Alternate your shoes heel-toe to save space and remind you what your shoes and boots look like when planning your outfits.

organizing a walk-in closet and boots


Don’t store air in empty luggage that takes up precious closet space. When your current luggage gives out, buy folding luggage to replace it.


Biaggi folding luggage - professional organizer review (2)


Place a “too small” bin inside each closet in your home. This is especially true for children’s closets. When a child outgrows something, you can simply store it until you are ready to consign or donate it. Even adults need this type of bin to make parting with garments painless. Build this bin into your closet, and you’ll never again have to take a day to clean out your closets.

how to organize keepsake momentos in a child's closet


Make it easier to use the back spaces of your closet by DIY-ing a rolling boot trayDIY rolling boot tray in closet


Use rectangular bins and wine case partitions to store out of season shoes, especially for children.

use wine case dividers to organize shoes


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