Best Bins for Organizing

I am finding myself asking more and more...does this world need one more plastic bin??? The best bins for organizing aren’t plastic, despite what you see on Instagram and “reality” TV. Hopefully I can convince you to organize with style with these cute picks from Target.
Global climate change is happening, and it’s devastating. My actions alone can’t stop the tide, but I can do this one thing. I can stop creating more demand for cheap, flimsy plastic bins.
Look, I own plastic. It’s in everything from my shoes to the keyboard I’m typing on (and the other eight electronic devices within arm’s reach). But an empty plastic box just for the sake of storing things for the next few years? Hmmm. We can do better. 

Best Bins for Organizing

The best bins for organizing depend on what you are storing and where you are storing it. Here are some of my favorites.
-Fabric and Paperboard (Yes, also highly processed, so not guilt-free, but better than plastic.) These collapsible bins fit in cube systems, on bookshelves, and in closets. So versatile. 
Best Bins for Organizing- fabric bins
-Braided rope
Best Bins for Organizing- braided rope baskets
Best Bins for Organizing- Braided rope baskets
Woven materials (grasses, water hyacinth, paper, and fabric)
Best Bins for Organizing-woven baskets
Bamboo and wood
Best Bins for Organizing-wood
I didn’t see any in Target, but my favorite drawer dividers are bamboo. Such a step up from flimsy plastic drawer dividers, of which Target had in three different sections of the store. Pass! Aren’t these bamboo drawer dividers so classy?
Best Bins for Organizing- meal basket
Best Bins for Organizing-metal mesh baskets with wood handle
Best Bins for Organizing-metal pails
Best Bins for Organizing- small metal canisters
Best Bins for Organizing- metal bins with wood lids

More Great Storage Ideas for Organizing

I also found these other great storage items. A metal napkin holder. You know what I use these for, right? They are perfect for keeping bills upright and out of your piles
best bins for organizing- paper holder
Sometimes you just need a tray to keep things together on the table or counter.
Best Bins for Organizing- tray
This little mini-shelf reminds me of the bathroom shelves I hung recently. (If you are in our Clutter-free Facebook group, you saw them there.) They’d be perfect fo a powder room, or group a couple in your main bath.
best bins for organizing-mini shelf
No need to settle for plastic when you’ve got so many great alternatives, right? 
I always say, good organizing starts in the store. Choose wisely, and you’ll love every inch of your organized home. 
p.s. When you absolutely must have plastic, my favorite are Rubbermaid Roughneck totes. They have a lifetime guarantee. I have literally seen them run over by cars, and they just bounce back. If you are going to buy plastic, buy something you will have for a lifetime. In fact, treat them well, and you can will them down to your kids. 
Are you still trying to get going with your organizing goals? I know it’s more fun to look at pretty things. That’s why I shared these bins today, and the cool storage items I found at Aldi last week. But at some point you’ve got to get up and move some things around. It’s time to get going. Get started with the free mini course for SORT and Succeed. If you’ve taken it already, did it help motivate you? I’d love to hear.
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