Turn Clutter into a Cool Gallery Wall

Hey, you know what would make a beautiful gallery wall? That pile of clutter in your corner. It doesn’t take much to turn clutter into a cool gallery wall.

Turn Clutter into a Cool Gallery Wall.jpeg Turn Clutter into a Cool Gallery Wall.png


Your dad’s cymbal from his band days

dad's cymbal gallery


Your antique Jell-O molds

Turn Clutter into a Cool Gallery Wall


Your needlepoint

gallery wall with needlepoint


Things that remind you of the beach

glam coastal living room foyer


Your antique purses

gallery wall of purses


What do you have laying in a pile that you haven’t seen in a while? If you have a blank wall, you can create a showcase of some of your favorite things. Turn your clutter into a really cool gallery wall, and enjoy your special things in a whole new way.

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  1. Susan Hurd

    I’ve been enjoying these blog posts each day Darla, but haven’t seen them all in our Facebook group.

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