Storage Items at Aldi

Aldi is one of my favorite sources for organizing items during January. You can get great storage items at Aldi that are as good as or better than what’s at the big box stores. Ready for a tour of storage items I recommend and why?

Keep in mind, I took these photos while I was grocery shopping, lol, so they aren’t the greatest. But I wanted to give you a chance to see the types of really great items that I actually use all the time with clients. This is real life, folks, if you call a crazy lady taking pictures while grocery shopping “real life.”

News Flash: We interrupt this article with a PSA. Zoom had a significant update this week on PC and on Mac. Click on your Zoom app now–before your next big meeting–to get the updates, or you might end up frustrated and late. This has nothing to do with bins, but might just keep you from becoming a basket case at work (from home). 

Storage Items at Aldi.png

Great Storage Items at Aldi

Kitchen Storage Items From Aldi

Do your kitchen cabinets need an upgrade? Although there was only this one size, if it fits your cabinets, you’ll love having these pull-out shelves. Storage items at Aldi-lid organizer

Storage items at Aldi-roll out shelves

Stainless steel trash cans go for over $100 at other stores, so they are an amazing deal at just $39 here. I would have loved to see a double-sectioned container, but at this price, you can just buy two, and use one for recycling and one for trash.

Storage items at Aldi- stainless steel trash can


This two-pack of wire pantry bins breaks down to $4.50 each, which is a steal. Someone else already cleaned them out, I think, because there was just one pack left.

Storage items at Aldi- wire pantry bins


Bathroom Storage Items at Aldi

These 2-tier mesh under-cabinet organizers cost at least half what I buy them for the rest of the year.

Storage items at Aldi- 2-tier mesh organizer

So, Many. Bins. I love bins that look great and could be used in so many different places at home, from the pantry, to the bathroom, to the kid’s rooms. Which one is your favorite? This one is large enough to hold a family’s worth of towels.

Storage items at Aldi-woven bin


I think this was a set of 3 apple baskets. If I’m right, that is really a great deal! Check out those cute handles.

Storage items at Aldi- nesting apple baskets


At this point I can bear-ly contain my excitement. (Groan!) This could be a hamper, storage for blankets (I showed you another blanket storage idea the other day), or toys.

Storage items at Aldi- animal hamper


Home Office Storage Items at Aldi

I love this collapsible bin for papers in offices. So sturdy.

Storage items at Aldi- woven seagrass bin


Here are a few more office-helpers. Do you have something that is hard to reach? These wireless outlets with remote control can make your home safer. The night light outlet updates with built-in USB plugs can help reduce cord clutter.

Storage items at Aldi- remote control outlets


My fans will recognize this simple “U” shaped napkin holder as the perfect bill holder. This one is really pretty acacia wood. With this on your desk, you’ll never lose another bill in your piles again.

Storage items at Aldi- napkin holder as bill holder


Share your home office with your pets? No joke, I just bought two of these for a client, and they were $60 each someplace else.

Storage items at Aldi-pet chair cover


No organizing post these days would be complete without this ever-useful 3-tiered metal cart. You’ve seen me use this metal storage cart in small closets, craft spaces, and in my own office. They are so, so useful.

Storage items at Aldi- rolling cart



Holiday Storage Items at Aldi

This is one of the few places you can still find Christmas storage bins. By this time in the season they are usually gone. Yes, I don’t love plastic storage, but this is one place where it does make a lot of sense. If you store them properly, they can last you a lifetime.

Storage items at Aldi- Christmas lights storage

Storage items at Aldi-Christmas ornament storage


Storage Ideas for Kids at Aldi

These bins are an absolute steal at just $5.59. They are a smidge on the small side, but they would be perfect for LEGO bricks, doll accessories, or even small board books.

Storage items at Aldi- toy storage bins


Just in case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I shop at Aldi for real, and I appreciate their buyer’s good selection of seasonal organizing and storage items. As far as I know, you can’t buy these Aldi Finds online, so check an Aldi store near you before they sell out.

I wanted to share two things with you in this article. First, you can find cute storage items for less during GO Month. Get Organized (GO) month is what we organizers call January. And second, if you do buy storage items this year, I hope you select ones that will last you a lifetime, and hopefully bring more style to your life than wasteful and boring plastic bins.

Honestly, not one of us needs more plastic bins in our lives.

Did you like any of these storage items at Aldi?