Lazy Tricks to Organize Like a Gen Z

Gen Z might be the laziest group ever, and I kind of love them for it. You see, “lazy” people look for shortcuts to everything. Shortcuts save time, and you can use that time for…whatever you really want to be doing. If you don’t want to spend one more minute than you have to on organizing, check out these lazy tricks to organize like a Gen Z.

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Lazy Tricks to Organize like a Gen Z

Before you wind up the hate mail, keep in mind that organizers LOVE shortcuts. In fact, there’s some good science to back up the idea that there’s brilliance in being lazy. Check out this recent Freakonomics podcast about why shortcuts are a good thing. Pair that with this Ezra Klein podcast on why we need to stop comparing our brains to a computer, well, you’ve pretty much just blown up much of what we have been teaching about personal productivity for most of our lives. Maybe these Gen Z kids are onto something.


Lazy Tricks to Organize Like a Gen Z

Shortcuts to Organize Things

Paperless everything. No paper…no paper clutter. It certainly makes National Clean Off Your Desk Day (today, the second Monday in January) a cinch.

Auto-deliver everything. My favorite shampoo, cat litter, and skincare is delivered to my door every month. Boom! The kitty sure appreciates having a fresh litter box on schedule.

Toss the ends, bits, and extras. Don’t keep leftovers and bits around. Toss or recycle as soon as possible.

Capsule wardrobes. Just a few pieces all mix and match. Replace frequently. (Don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is? Google it.)

Take a picture and lose the thing. A picture is as good as the physical thing for memories…or maybe even better.


Shortcuts to Save Money

Buy fewer things, but better quality.

Read at least 3 reviews before buying anything. 

Take on less debt.


Shortcuts to Save Time

Learn from YouTube. Why read a book or take an in person class? Learn anything online, even my free SORT and Succeed organizing mini class. 

Skip a step. Like, whenever possible. Seriously. What’s the worst that can happen?

Balance a checkbook? Fuggedaboutit. Just use a debit card and check the banking app every day.


Organize Like a Gen Z

If you think, “Oh, I could never…,” you just might once you find out how much time and energy you can save! A few years ago I wrote about how I was unintentionally stressing my kid out by buying too many clothes for each season. She’s now got about five outfits, and she’s much happier with a leaner closet than I personally would ever want. She’s been teaching me lazy tricks to organize like a Gen Z.

I’m kind of obsessed with shortcuts these days. Do you have one to share? Scroll down to shout out in the comments.

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