Is this the Perfect To Do List?

Are you still keeping your to-do’s on sticky notes or legal pads? Now might be the time to give the Microsoft To Do app a try. It’s free, has a mobile app, and allows you lots of flexibility within a structured task manager. Is this the perfect to do list for you?

Is This the Perfect To Do List?


If you already use Microsoft Outlook, you’ll love the fact that clicking the flag on an email automatically adds it right into your task list. No more copy/paste! Once in the task list, you can update the due date and add details or notes.

The email flag has been around forever, but hasn’t always been this useful. If you have a bazillion emails flagged, like I did, you might have to clear out a few (hundred). The nice thing is that clearing the flag in the To Do app also clears it off of Outlook email (if you are using Outlook 365), so it’ll only take you a few minutes to get rid of stale tasks that go back years. What a relief!

You’ve also got plenty of to dos that come from your own thoughts and not from emails, right? You can just type in new task, or speak it right into the mobile app. You can create lists and delegate them to others, including your family members or co-workers.

Is this the Perfect To Do List?

Fans of the now-retired Wunderlilst, this is your darling, re-incarnated, but better.

Here are a couple of videos that can help you learn how to use Microsoft To Do:

Start with this video to get an idea of how to add basic tasks and lists. You might want to increase the playback speed on this video. 

If you already use Outlook, or if you are considering adding a Microsoft 365 subscription, watch this video to see how MS To Do integrates with Outlook and other Microsoft apps.

Download the MS To Do mobile app onto your phone so you always have your tasks with you. No more forgetting what was on your shopping list.

Although these apps have both been around for a while, Microsoft launched a bunch of new features and integrations in early 2020, just about the time the world went crazy. Like you, I’m still getting used to Microsoft To Do, but it’s worth it to learn the ins and outs. It’s different than the task manager I’ve used for years (ToodleDo), but because it integrates with Microsoft Outlook 365 and Microsoft Planner, it’s easier to use with with my entire team. You can share tasks with your work team or your family members.

I know those sticky notes feel like the solution in the moment, but aren’t you ready for something better? Maybe this is the year to finally get organized, and maybe this is the perfect to do list.