Gotta Call a Guy About a Thing (To Get Organized)

How much of your clutter, your disorganization is because of piles, and how much is because you need some sort of help? In other words, you’ve gotta call a guy about a thing, but you haven’t figured out which guy (or gal), when the right time is, or how to get some other obstacle out of the way?

Gotta Call a Guy About a Thing


When You’ve Gotta Call a Guy About a Thing

Here are a few real-life examples that you can probably relate to…

Julie feels cluttered in her closets. She wants new lighting and new shelves, but it feels so overwhelming. She doesn’t have the energy to move everything out so the electrician and handyman can install the new closet. Where would she put it all??? She hasn’t made that phone call, and she lives with piles and poor lighting longer than she has to. 

Jim needs to claim some assets from his mom’s estate, but he needs to figure out which banks were involved, then he has to call an estate attorney to help him post some legal documents to claim the assets. That sounds scary, time consuming, and expensive!

Molly needs to make some big life changes, but she needs to find, call to schedule, and then meet with a financial advisor for the very first time. Anything to do with money is slightly terrifying.

Jose needs to buy some bookcases to get his treasured books off the floor, but until he moves some furniture, and makes a call to sell or donate some other furniture, he doesn’t have space to put new the bookcases, so he’s caught in a loop, and all his books stay in piles. 

Larry wants to claim the third bedroom as a home office, but his son’s stuff is still on the bed, in the dresser, on the shelves, and in the closet. His son moved out of state years ago and has his own family now. Larry doesn’t want to bother his son with a call or a text about shipping or donating his things, so he makes do with a cluttered office. 

Beth has way too much paper clutter, much of it in envelopes that she never even opens! With a single phone call (or web click) to her bank, she could eliminate dozens of incoming envelopes, bags of shredding, and growing piles, but she hasn’t made that call yet. 

I meet dozens of clients like this each year. Some are stuck because they’ve gotta call a guy about a thing and they just haven’t done it yet. It might take a single phone call, or it might take a few phone calls, but it’s almost always easier than you think.


Make a Call to Organize

SORT and Succeed is a way to break down a complex or emotionally-charged project into smaller, logical chunks that get you to progress and completion. Plastic bins won’t solve any of these problems. In fact, they’ll probably make them worse. It’s easy to get stuck, but it’s not that hard to get unstuck, if you do the next thing. A phone call might not sound like organizing, but sometimes, it’s exactly the right next organizing task.

Do you have to call a guy about a thing so you can finally get organized?