Changes Have Been Made

No one listens to me. I have teenagers, so you know it’s true, lol. Today you get to hear from some of our clients, instead of me for once.

In a year when it seems like the world was standing still, BIG changes have been made- and they’ve lasted- through SORT and Succeed.  Some clients had virtual organizing or in-person appointments, but even the most distracted, ADHD of them made changes they can be proud of.

Tomorrow you’ll start getting a short email each day in January. These very short emails are a quick little encouragement for one change each day that you can make quickly to organize you in 2022. Delete the emails if it is too much for you, but I promise they’ll be snappy and sweet, just what you need to make your own changes. In February I’ll be back to a more manageable one article per week.

I’m pretty excited about tomorrow’s email, with a special gift just for you. Stay tuned!


Now, let’s hear from real people about changes they have made this year.

Changes Have Been Made


“Hello, Floor! How are you?” N.B. after organizing her side of the closet. Love her sense of humor!


“I have to tell you this is so much fun to get to enjoy these photos with the kids now, even on my PHONE!” A.B. mom who was frustrated by her digital photos for years, until we made her Apple Photos system behave.


“I have been sitting in my updated front room quite a bit, especially to read.  But I’m also enjoying the new “focal points” when sitting on my couch, and I can’t wait to have more company to show it off!” J.B. after we redesigned her living room to feature her beautiful things and her family photo gallery wall.


“My home office is a much better place to be. I told my life coach that working with Darla was a big win from this year. I haven’t had any of those ‘I can’t take it anymore’ moments in here lately.” C.W. about her home office, now that she’s working from home forevermore. Her appointments are virtual, and the results are real. 


“To not see a comma is amazing.” A.D., business owner, after he learned to use filters and rules to reduce unread emails from 7,000 to under 200 in just three weeks. 


“I read your Sort and Succeed book this weekend!  I LOVED it!!  So good, and so chock full of wisdom that I had been missing all my life.  Felt like it was written just for me.  Now I really do feel empowered, and I want to apply this system to all areas of my life, one step at a time.  I was so impressed with how succinct, clear, and spot on your book was.  And I feel so honored and lucky that I had you in my house to help me in person!”  J. B. after organizing her kitchen.


Like that image at the top of the post? Thanks to Monique Sarkessian, artist, whose gorgeous and uplifting artwork we recently placed in Body Restoration Spa in Philadelphia during a design project. Everything you see there is new, a very visible transformation. More change in an already peaceful place.

If you are feeling stuck, listen to the joy in these quotes from real clients, and claim that for yourself. If YOU want to be one of these organized people by next year, call me. I can’t wait to hear from you!!!


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  1. Judy

    I’m ready to make the new habit of checking out and following your daily email hints

    1. Darla

      Awesome! That’s a great place to start. Happy New Year.

  2. Monique Sarkessian

    I love the photo! Thanks for the honor of partnering with you and Cara @BodyRestSpa!

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