Make Space for the Holidays!

The holidays are here! Most of us make space for this special time in so many ways, like making time in our calendars for holiday events, making room in our home for decorations, making space for guests, and making room for those new gifts. I hope to inspire you with a couple of fun before-and-afters.

Make Room for the Holidays

Before we go much further, please make time this week to join me as the Radnor Memorial Library hosts my class, Wrap It Up:Gifts, Wrap, and Organize with Stress-Free Seasonal Tips. Register for practical fun for the season, along with over $300 of gifts that I am giving away, including some wonderful gifts from my favorite businesses, including Habitat MontDelCo ReStore, Aux Petits Delices, and Mt Airy Lavender.  Yes, it’s a Zoom call (boo), but there are no slides (yay), and it’ll feel like a fun party…with prizes!

Darla DeMorrow at Radnor Libraryn in December (Instagram Post)

Here’s just one tip of many I’ll be sharing:

Now to the fun holiday before-and-afters…

Are you expecting guests for the season? I hope getting a guest room ready isn’t stressful for you, but it is for a lot of people. Use SORT and Succeed to make it happen quickly.

  1. Start by writing down what space you’ll work on, and stick to just that space. It’s so easy to get distracted.
  2. Organize things together. Books, clothes, keepsakes, accessories you aren’t using, and whatever else you’re storing.
  3. Reduce and release things you don’t need to make room. And then the fun part is moving things around to re-set the guest room.
  4. Tweak the space by adding coordinating bedding, lamps on the tables, and small touches like a coatrack.
  5. Succeed and celebrate your guest-ready space.

Here’s a quick before-and-after that we just helped a client with. She’s so excited to have her adult children back home, and I think they are really going to love staying for a bit in this organized room.

Make Room for the Holidays with an Organized Guest Room-1

Make Room for the Holidays with an Organized Guest Room-1

Make Space for the Holidays

Moving existing furniture around can really be challenging if you don’t have a plan. It can be even harder if you are buying new furniture but don’t have a good sense of what will fit in your space.

I was recently called in to help select furniture and create a space plan for this room. With the tan furniture pushed all the way against the walls, there was room for improvement. But with the off-center fireplace in the lower right corner, it needed a real plan.

Make Room for the Holidays with an Organized Guest Room-space plan


I love creating space plans like this, saving you time, money, and frustration. You can begin to see how the new room can look, even changing the color scheme before you hire a painter or buy anything new. Square rug or round? Add color? Add a dresser instead of a coffee table? It’s all easy to change on a space plan.

Make Room for the Holidays with an Organized Guest Room-space plan after


Seeing the room in 3D is even more fun. It also allows you to see how to balance a room when there is an off-center focal point. It’s never a deal-breaker.

Make Room for the Holidays with an Organized Guest Room-3D space plan


We all like to have options, so I don’t mind doing the heavy lifting by flipping the chaise to the other side of the sofa. Which do you like better?

Make Room for the Holidays with an Organized Guest Room-alternate space plan


If we’re making room for he holidays, then you are going to want to know where to put that Christmas tree…

Make Room for the Holidays with an Organized Guest Room-space plan with Christmas tree


In case you are wondering, these plans are to scale, with this Ikea sofa.

Organizing Holiday Gifts

Are you trying to make room for the holidays? Do you know someone who is planning a renovation or a room re-design, but isn’t sure where to put the sofa? Space plans like this can make the job so much more fun. Contact us to purchase organizing or space planning gift certificates for you or someone you love.

I hope that you make time to make room for the holidays. And I hope to see you, wherever you are joining from, this Wednesday as we Wrap it Up. Click below to register.

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