Wardrobe Refresh with a Mission

Not complaining, but my pandemic-weary wardrobe could use a little pick me up. Forget about Stitch Fix. The Wardrobe Box is like that, but better…a wardrobe refresh with a mission. I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Wardrobe Refresh with a Mission


Don’t worry, I haven’t turned into a fashion blogger. That thought makes me LOL. Don’t even think about unsubscribing, as you are going to want to see my color choice for our house repaint in upcoming articles along with some really impressive organizing before and after stories now that we are able to work with clients again.

Wardrobe Refresh with a Mission

I’ve worked with The Wardrobe in Philadelphia before. Formerly known as The Career Wardrobe, it’s a nonprofit social enterprise with the goal of eliminating clothing insecurity by outfitting people for life or work. They serve both men and women. They serve people who are working, people who are trying to get back to work or advance their careers, and people who just want to save a few bucks on fashion.

What is The Wardrobe Box

When my author friend Paige Wolf wrote about this new style option, I signed up immediately. Sustainable fashion. Closet organizing. Solid philanthropy. Fun stuff in the mail. It checks all my boxes. This is from The Wardrobe website:

Introducing a new way to shop – The Wardrobe Box. Every 3 months you’ll receive a personally curated Box based on the answers to your unique Style Profile. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll send 5 new-to-you items, 4 pieces of clothing and 1 seasonal accessory.

Unlike other subscription boxes you keep everything in your Wardrobe Box!There’s no additional fee, just open and enjoy.

We fill boxes using our high quality, pre-loved inventory so every box helps promote sustainable fashion. And for every Wardrobe Box that’s purchased, we’ll send a Wardrobe Box to a client for free.

As a kid, I hated that all my clothes were used, but as an adult, my thrift store finds are often better labels and quality than the stuff I buy retail. With this stylist-curated box, a real person (not an algorithm) uses the survey I filled out to put together a box of goodies including four garments and an accessory.

My Wardrobe Box Experience

I paid about $70 (includes shipping) and asked for colorful, solid color tops that don’t need dry cleaning or ironing. Because who has time for that? Whether I’m traveling or not, if it doesn’t pass the “crush test,” I don’t keep garments that take extra work.

Did The Wardrobe Box deliver on color, style, size, and convenience for me? Watch the unboxing to see how my stylist did with my box and see the outfits I put together.


Organize closet >> Recycle quality clothing >> Help neighbors >> Make the world just a little better. I’m in!

Important Closet Organizing Reminder

It looks like I’m keeping all five “new to me” pieces, so I’ll want to donate five items already in my closet to make room. Remember the golden rule for closet organizing from my book: One in, one out.

organizing tip- one in one out

If you are having trouble finding those five old pieces to swap for the new ones that came in your box, take a look at Darla’s Wardrobe Laws. 

Bonus points for filling that cardboard box with next-to-new pieces that you aren’t wearing and donating clothes back to The Wardrobe via the mail. (Please note, this isn’t a requirement of their Box subscription program, but if your giveaways fit their quality standards, it could be a win for you, too, getting another box and donatable clothing out of your house.)

Is a Wardrobe Box Your Reward?

If you are a caretaker like me who spent all your energy on others during the pandemic, this little wardrobe refresh might be a great way to be kind to yourself by letting a professional stylist take care of you. Remember, Step 5 of SORT and Succeed is choosing and cashing in on a reward. Give yourself permission for a little pampering. For more organizing advice for caretakers, tune into the podcast from Dave Nassaney at CaregiverDave.com  where I was recently a guest. What a wonderful resource for becoming a thriving caretaker! I love introducing you to podcasts that help you beyond organizing. Click below for the video; audio only is here.


Box subscriptions are nothing new, and neither is clothing coming in the mail. But these days, especially with the global supply chain disruptions, I love receiving great clothes that are already here in my region and are prefect for me.

Would you try The Wardrobe Box because of their mission or because you love fashion?


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  1. Closets to Adore

    Thanks for sharing this! It looks like a great way to keep the closet well-organized without sacrificing fashion or having to wear the same things all the time.

    1. Darla

      I agree. Spread the word.

  2. S & S Cabinets & Closets

    This is really interesting. It seems like a good option for busy people who need options but don’t want to buy a ton of clothes.

    1. Darla

      Definitely. It’s an old idea with a new twist.

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