#Save Your Photos

Last January, my PC blew up on my desk with a loud PHFTH! There was a moment of dread. A hasty purchase of a new computer. But there was never a moment where I was concerned about my photos because they were backed up multiple ways.

My heart aches for anyone caught in the headlines of fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or refugee evacuations. After the crisis passes, they’ve lost so much, and they’ve often lost their photos, too. Even if the crisis is just a dead computer, it can be hard to bear.

Save Your Photos Month

What is Save Your Photos Month?

#SaveYourPhotos month is all about helping you take care of you photos now, so they aren’t at risk from extraordinary–or even ordinary–events. Never before in history do we have so many tools to keep our photos safe.

During September, the professional organization where I am certified in photo management activates global outreach and education to help people learn this:

There is no reason for anyone to lose their precious family photos. 


back to school photo album



You might not know where to start to organize and save your photos.

You might not know what computer or software or app to use.

You might not feel like you are up to it.

You might not feel like you have time.

I get it. 

We’re here to help with over 40 free, short classes. Just sign up at SaveYourPhotos.org. 

During September, I’ll be sharing just one practical tip every day on Instagram, along with tips and projects that my company has completed for our clients. I want you to see what’s possible for your precious photos. Click over as I start by sharing a stunning photograph of my grandmother, and click the Follow button to get expert photo organizing advice all month long. (You don’t have to have an Instagram account to click the link.)

These free, short classes might be all you need to save your photos. Whether you are working on a baby book or getting ready to hand your photos over to the next generation, there’s something in there for you.

If you are thinking about scanning your photos, check out Tips for Digitizing Your Printed Photos from me and FamilyHandyman.com.

baby book photo albums

Backup Your Computer for Save Your Photos Month

If you’ve never backed up your computer, this month is the perfect time to start. If you don’t remember how, here’s the article I wrote to walk you through, step by step, backing up your Mac via Time Machine. Here are step-by-step instructions to backup your PC.

Every woman should have her own tool box, know how to change a car tire, and should know how to backup your photos. Guys, too! You’re on your own for the first two, but I’ve got you covered for the third one. I offer a free 15-minute appointment for you (or for any of your friends) to check your computer backups. It’s that important to me that you do this! Click here to schedule your backup appointment if you need help. Then if your computer goes **phfth** on your desk, you won’t lose a moment of sleep over your photos.

Get in touch by phone at 856-905-3202 and let’s see what #SaveYourPhotos action is the right one for you.