What is Virtual Home Staging? (And Does it Work?)

Quick: what have we been doing virtually since way before the pandemic? House tours! You’ll always check out a home online before you visit in person. First impressions are everything, which is why home staging is so popular and so effective.

What is Virtual Home Staging

Virtual home staging takes place on Zoom (or similar). While you guide me through your home via your smartphone’s camera, I’m preparing a step-by-step plan for you to make the changes that buyers demand in homes today. Your home staging report details specific steps for changes in furniture placement, lighting, accessorizing, color choices, and storage to increase the appeal of your home. It makes the priorities clear, and tells you what to do first, second, and so on. All you have to do is follow the plan with a couple of days of elbow grease. I’m an expert at using your existing furniture in ways you haven’t thought of to highlight your home’s features.

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These pictures show a gorgeous house for sale in Mays Landing, New Jersey, not far from the popular Cape May resort town. I can’t wait to show off this spacious, updated home with a gorgeous yard and loads of privacy. Just a few short weeks ago, this home wasn’t living up to its model home potential, but just look at her now, after virtual staging and some loving attention. It’s technically out of my service area, but I’ve worked with this talented Realtor before, and she knew I’d be able to solve some existing challenges to get results via virtual home staging.

virtual Home Staging-after-NJ-exterior


Our goal was to wow you from the driveway, and romance you once you stepped inside.


The wow-factor continues into the great room, with all eyes on an impressive two-story fireplace and open bar to the kitchen. We completely swapped the furniture from another room and placed it to highlight these features. Notice that the furniture doesn’t have to be high-end. It just shouldn’t compete with the features that buyers are actually paying for. Hellooooo gorgeous hardwood floors!

virtual Home Staging after-NJ-great room


Yes, it is true, kitchens and baths sell homes. When your kitchen is as lovely and large as this, remove everything that detracts from the home’s features. That means all clutter and countertop appliances get put away. It’s a bit of work up front, but it pays off in more offers and better offers.



Every space should sell this home, and that includes a little nook like this in the kitchen. Spruced up as a beverage station, you can create a unique feature that your neighbors won’t have.

virtual Home Staging-after-NJ-coffee station


Have you noticed that today’s hottest trend is for white and bright interiors? All the main fixtures in this bathroom were already in place, but strategic white and bright accessorizing really draws you in.

virtual home staging-bathroom


Buyers fall in love with extra storage spaces like a bright and functional mudroom and oversized laundry room. Make each space a destination!


In today’s market, what home feature rises to the top? A home office can add as much as ten percent to the value of your home. If you don’t have one, turn a porch or a small sitting room like this into a spacious home office just by adding a desk. Less is more here; tell the story that this could be the buyer’s home office.


If you have two main bedroom suites, like this home does, clear out all the extra furniture and show off the square footage and the features like floor-to-ceiling windows.


And yes, stage the closets, too! (Don’t empty closets to make them look larger. It unintentionally sends a signal that you’ve moved out and might be desperate for any offer.)


Even a partially finished space can look amazing with the “leftover” furniture. Arrange it around a TV and woodburning stove to create a valuable basement play area.


Back upstairs, if you already have updated finishes, you don’t have to spend anything to show them off. Just remove personal items and ensure bathrooms are super clean. Resist the urge to over-accessorize.


If you have an “extra” room, don’t leave it empty or, worse yet, cluttered with unfinished projects. Buyers forget empty rooms, but when you stage with a bed, they remember each bedroom. If you have features like custom closets, show those off, too!


Don’t miss any opportunity to tell a story about how this house is a lovely place to sit and stay a while. The rocking chairs on the porch will be the perfect place for the buyers to sit and write up a contract.


Does virtual home staging work? I’ll let you be the judge. Did this staged house make a great first impression? Does this property feel like home to you?

Please contact Tricia Morgan at triciamorgan@comcast.net at Atlantic Properties to make an offer this gorgeous home, but don’t wait, because all of my staged properties sell quickly. Check out the full listing here. 

Special thanks to Donna Breland at dpBreland Photography for permission to share the beautiful pictures with you.

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