Big News! Hear, Here! SORT and Succeed Audiobook Available

SORT and Succeed is a unique way of approaching your organizing project because it builds in a celebration! I’m taking my own advice with a moment to celebrate the latest addition to the SORT and Succeed family. You can now hear here the audiobook of Organizing Your Home with SORT and Succeed!

SORT and Succeed audiobook launch


It’s been a long road for this project. Years ago, I originally intended to record it myself. After all, I can read out loud, and it is my book. Well, it’s not that easy to produce a quality product that you’ll love listening to. I finally had to take my own advice and let the pros do what they do.

In a year that felt stalled, this feels like a big win. A funny thing happens when you decide to get out of your own way…you get results.

If you are struggling because you think that only you can organize your stuff and space, there’s a lesson in there. Don’t wait. Get the help you need to break free. 

Partnering with a really great audio production company, ListenUp!, the project became effortless. They hired a professional actor, Suehyla El-Attar, with an impressive resumé and a beautiful voice, much smoother than my own. (Her credits include one of the Marvel Avengers movies.) I stopped wishing. They made it happen. Now you, dear souls, have one more way to SORT and Succeed. You can listen to my book as easily as you listen to your favorite podcast.

This audiobook is an easy listen, clocking in at just two hours long. It’s basically two-podcasts long. Even better than a podcast, you download it once, but you can listen over and over…maybe even while you are organizing. 😁 It’s available on Audible and all major audiobook platforms. Pro tip: No subscription needed to purchase the audiobook here.

SORT and Succeed audiobook layflat


It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Everyone is spending more time at home with all of their stuff, and we want ways to reduce, refresh, and get organized. There’s a new sense of urgency to use all our space at home all the time when our homes have to act as workplace, school, gym, video studio, and entertainment complex due to the pandemic or weather. But where to start? How to get organized without spending all of your free time on your least favorite task?

The two biggest problems people have with getting organized are getting started and feeling finished.

The SORT and Succeed system solves these problems, as well as outlining a do-able, repeatable process for grouping, releasing, reducing, re-setting, and storing your things. Apply these five simple steps to organizing anything, from closets to the garage.

About that garage…Nearly 70% of the country was covered with snow this February, and nearly every state had freezing temperatures. Some parts of the country are used to winter weather, but extremes like this are a good argument for organizing enough to store the car inside the garage, if you have that option. Maybe the weather isn’t ideal to organize the garage today…but you can start on other spaces, and be ready to organize your outdoor storage spaces this spring.

Start quickly and stay organized longer

Step 1- Start. Start with a specific, written organizing goal of 5 words or less. Just start!

Step 2- Organize into groups

Step 3- Reduce, release, and reset what remains

Step 4- Tweak the space, possibly updating to storage and decor

Step 5- Succeed and Celebrate to train your brain to enjoy the results and the process

How to Get Organized with SORT and Succeed System


It’s time to celebrate my project to get this audiobook into your ears, and Step 5 of any SORT and Succeed project says you should choose and enjoy a reward as a celebration. Often I recommend treating yourself to a luxury or just a little relaxation time. This time, to celebrate the launch of my first audiobook, we’re going to pay it forward…together. So many people are struggling with the basics right now, and there’s nothing more basic than food. I’m donating my entire first audiobook royalty check to Philabundance, which supports food banks throughout the Philadelphia region. That means that when you buy my shiny new audiobook, you’ll get more organized AND you’ll be providing meals directly to those who need food right now. Can you help me make this royalty check a really big one so we can make sure no one goes hungry?


If you’ve been waiting for a sign to get organized, this is it>>>

SORT and Succeed audiobook launch


Organizing Your Home with SORT and Succeed has helped tens of thousands of readers since being published by Blue Tudor Books in 2018. The audio is produced by ListenUp! Audiobooks and narrated by Suehyla El-Attar.


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    Darla, Congratulations!
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      Thanks so much, Megan. It means a lot that you stopped by. I hope you have a great year!

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