Where Will You Be in a Year? (Get Around to Organizing)

Where will you be in a year? Will you be as organized as you want to be? Join us as we organize one focus project each month in our year-long organizing plan. Working on one project each month, you can have the organized home and life that you’ve always wanted.


Monthly Organizing Plan with SORT and Succeed


I Couldn’t Imagine This

Back on February 24, 2020, I was having lunch with a friend who asked me if I thought she should cancel her upcoming trip to Paris. I’m ashamed to say that I actually laughed out loud. I could not imagine a world where people couldn’t travel, where everyone worked from home, and where my children would not go in to school every day. I could not imagine it!

I started this article last year when the headlines said, “Labs are making progress on a virus vaccine.” (NYT 7/21/2020). I could not imagine what a vaccine rollout would look like. There was so much that I couldn’t image happening last year…that ultimately did.

Here we are in 2021.


Can You Imagine Being Organized?

You don’t have to imagine next year. I already have your organizing projects planned out for you.

2021 Clutter-Free Facebook header


You don’t have to imagine how you might turn this pandemic time into your time of change. I showed showed you how some of my followers and clients are making changes right now, stuck at home, making their home a haven.

#ORGANIZINGWins with SORT and Succeed


You don’t have to imagine the small and large projects you can do right now. I’ve been showing you before-and-afters all month. If you missed a few, here are all the 2021 January organizing articles, all in one place. Each one is meant to give you an idea, a push for your own projects.

It All Changes Now - Get Organized


Will You Wish You Got Around To Organizing?

Where you will be in a year? Will you be hopelessly behind from a year of quarantine, home school, and job stress? Or will you be able to recover? Getting and being organized now may be the difference.

When you feel in control, it’s the same as being in control, or nearly so.

One way to feel in control is to live an an organized home and work in an organized office.

Take a moment to visualize what next year will look like. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly. Really think about what you’ll be doing a year from now.

**Insert happy thoughts**

If your vision of your 2022 “after” situation looks exactly like the “before”  of 2020, that’s ok. Many people just want to get “back to normal” right now. Will you be able to get back to normal if you’ve spent a year ignoring the condition of your home, delaying important decisions, and generally putting life on hold? Those are habits you are making, and they might be hard to break once you’ve gotten used to them.

Don’t wait.

Don’t wait to get around to it (organizing).

Don’t wait to make your home the haven you’ve always wanted.

I’ll have something special for the members of my Clutter-free Facebook Group in early February that will remind you not to wait to get around to it. I hope you’ll join us there and work through each room in your home, one project each month, with us.

Here’s to an organized 2021.