#OrganizingWins Shared From YOU! SORT and Succeed Users

Do you remember your organizing plans from the beginning of the year? Did you make plans to SORT and Succeed? We’re barreling towards the end of the month, and I hope you have made at least some of the changes that you wanted to make to your home. I absolutely love hearing about and seeing your #OrganizingWins.

#ORGANIZINGWins with SORT and Succeed

A few clients and followers have allowed me to share their photos with you. They wanted you to know that you can make major changes with just a SORT and Succeed plan and a timer.

Don’t wait. You can start to SORT and Succeed right now! These people are proof that you can make big changes with just a little guidance.

T. is a member of our clutter-free Facebook group, and we’ve only ever interacted online. She credits her organized cabinets to one of my favorite sayings: Stop storing air. Just look at her beautifully and creatively organized cabinets.


S. got some room in a packed cabinet. If you love books, open space like this in a bookcase is a rare sight. She says, “Wow, if I do say so myself!  You are so good!  Couldn’t have done it without your (virtual) support for the past year or so.” What you don’t see is as important as what you do see; the floors are clear of boxes and old mail, and a functioning file system is off to the side. Wow is right! This was a lot of Step 1 (Start with a goal) and Step 2 (Organize into groups) over and over again.

SusanJ-organized bookcase


K. and I have been working our way through her home…virtually. She’s recently combined two households into her original tiny home (aka Philly row home). If this is exactly half of your kitchen counter space, you’ve got to put together systems to get and STAY organized. We did a whole SORT and Succeed project in about an hour, concentrating just on this one surface. She’s getting faster in every space we organize, with her in her home and me on Zoom. (Book your virtual organizing session here.) The kitchen may not be magazine-ready, but it’s much more important to be dinner-ready!

Before: Kitchen- SORT and Succeed-before


Kitchen-SORT and Succeed-after


This next one is so fun. B. was feeling stuck in a rut in her living room, but she had a good quality entertainment center over in the corner. We decided to make use of the “good bones” and paint the unit, coming up with a plan to place a section on either side of the fireplace, while tweaking how the TV fits in. I haven’t been there in person yet, but a furniture painter, handyman and furniture delivery have completely changed the look of the room. It’s not quite done yet, but here’s a peek at the change from dark to fresh.



M. got all the way to Step 4 (Tweaking with small improvements) on her pantry project, adding pretty wallpaper to her pantry. It’s a beautiful addition that can actually make it easier to stay organized for longer. People tend to stay more organized in spots that are already more attractive.

Before:SORT and Succeed organized pantry success



Every organizing project, big or small, is personalized, but the SORT and Succeed system can help you save time and energy, and get better results.

The three-book SORT and Succeed set is on sale through 1/31/2021, so buy now for autographed copies.

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