Satisfying Linen Closet Organizing with Rolling Cart

It’s probably never happened to you, but I accidentally organize clients’ linen closets all the time. Linen closets make me happy. They are a quick little satisfying project that can be a little oasis of calm. If your linen closet looks anything like this one, stay tuned.

linen closet before organizing


By the way, there’s nothing at all wrong with this closet. Firstly, it’s nice to even have a linen closet. We can mostly find what we need in here. And the door can close. Score on all points. However, I know it can look AND function better.

linen closet before organizing


Start with the most important real estate and things to store. Tablecloths got pride of place in this closet. There are many, many ways to store table linens, including using wasted height in a closet.  When you have to fold linens, if you take care to place the folded edge facing out, it instantly gives a finished look.

tableclothes in linen closet


Above that, we re-purposed some fabric bins to hold backup bathroom essentials like soaps and cold medicine. Putting them in bins on a higher shelf makes it easy to pull out the bin, take out what you need, and slide the bin back into the closet.

linen closet organized shelf


This family keeps it pretty simple. The towels are mostly in the bathroom, with just a few extras. We created some organized space for washcloths and hand towels by tipping a wire bin on it’s side. Baskets can not only contain things, but can create display space for towels, too.

wire bin helps organize linen closet


The last little touch is my favorite. This closet shelving isn’t adjustable, so there’s a large space between the floor and the first shelf. Rather than letting it go to waste, or piling things in there, add a rolling cart like this one (affiliate link) to hold toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

rolling cart in linen closet


We made this closet work even harder. We added some organizing hooks on the inside to hold some of the washable cleaning pads for drying and storage. Perfect! Why pile your linens when you can neatly hang them?

hooks inside linen closet


If you are tempted to run out and buy the latest organizing fad product, please don’t. We added exactly two things here: the hooks and a rolling cart. Everything else was repurposed from other parts of the house, or we just spent a minute folding.

If your whole house feels overwhelming, try taking it just two feet at a time, (which is about the width of this closet). With a plan to SORT and Succeed over and over again like this, you can organize your whole house.

linen closet organized- after

I hope to inspire you every day to organize something. A little closet like this can be a quick and easy project…and very satisfying. When your hidden spaces like this feel organized, your whole life feels organized.

What are you organizing today?

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Satisfying Linen Closet Organizing with Rolling Cart


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  1. Julie K

    I love your practical approach to organizing, Darla!
    So many good and sensible ideas. Thank you.

    1. Darla

      Thanks so much, Julie. That is exactly what I’m going for. Practical advice to help you right now. I hope it inspires you in your own home, with affordable, low-impact solutions that help you maintain your organizing.

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