Drawer Organizing Made Easy (Junk / Nightstand Drawer)

Do you have nightstand drawers, kitchen junk drawers, or any other drawers that get junked up with random stuff with no place else to go? SORT and Succeed is the organizing system to help you get in, get organized, and get on with your life.

How many times are you going to rustle around in a drawer that looks like this before you do something about it?

Drawer Organizing Made Easy Junk Drawer or Nightstand Drawer-before


Apply SORT and Succeed steps for drawer organizing made easy…

How to Get Organized with SORT and Succeed System


In about 15 minutes, you have a drawer where you can find anything you need, and things are much more likely to stay organized with designated zones.


If you have one messy drawer, you probably have two. Put the SORT and Succeed system on rinse-and-repeat to declutter and create order.

Drawer Organizing Made Easy Junk Drawer or Nightstand Drawer-before


I love bamboo drawer dividers like these (affiliate link). They look so classy, and help keep everything from rattling around in the drawers. I also love to use any divider or dish that you already own and love.

Drawer Organizing Made Easy Junk Drawer or Nightstand Drawer-after


If you really want the drawers to stay organized, here is an advanced tip: label the dividers on the inside. When something is out of the drawer, you know instantly where it should go.

Drawer Organizing Made Easy Junk Drawer or Nightstand Drawer with labels


Remember to use the negative space, too. The spaces where the drawer dividers aren’t can also hold things. Here, the curved space in the front of the drawer is perfect for pens.

The divider on the bottom right of this organized drawer holds all the nail care items together. You can just remove the whole divider, use what you need, and pop it back in the drawer. If something spills, it’s all contained in one little area.

It might not be solving world peace, but an organized drawer can bring peace to your home. I have never in my life heard anyone complain about their drawers being too organized. That’s something to strive for, I guess.

Does this make you want to go organize a drawer of your own?

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