Frame and Hang Your Photos and Keepsakes to Reduce Clutter

Keepsakes. Photos. Art. Newspapers. Stored away, they are probably clutter, and that’s a shame. If you have beautiful things and special memories, I want you to enjoy them every day. Today’s organizing project is simple: find your treasures and display them.

Brace yourself; I’m about to talk about sports!

Do you have newspapers like these from important occasions? It sounds bonkers now, but back in 2018, thousands of people gathered in one place to watch a few dozen men play a game…all without masks (except for the catcher)! For a few years, Philadelphia hit it big, and our sports teams were hot, hot, hot. This client kept some newspapers that had unbelievable covers that we thought we might never see! Rolled up in a tube, stuffed under the guest bed, these old, yellowed newspapers were worse than yesterday’s news. They were clutter.

Frame and Hang Your Photos and Keepsakes to Reduce Clutter-newspapers

I reached out to the newspapers and purchased reasonably-priced, high-quality photographic copies of the newspapers. These are beautiful, full-color copies, ready for framing.

We chose beautiful mats and frames to commemorate these sporty miracles.

Frame and Hang Your Photos and Keepsakes to Reduce Clutter-Philadelphia Eagles

We even incorporated the game ticket artfully into one of the frames.

Frame and Hang Your Photos and Keepsakes to Reduce Clutter -framed ticket

And then we hung them in a place of pride as a gallery wall to enjoy every day.

Frame and Hang Your Photos and Keepsakes to Reduce Clutter-Philadelphia Phillies

I love this display so much. It’s part of a larger sports-themed room that I’ll try to get back to on another day.

Your things might be framed art, or they might be children’s keepsakes. Whatever you keep in your life, display it. Otherwise, why are you keeping it? It’ll make you happier on display, and you’ll have less to organize.

Are you inspired to do something creative with your keepsakes and turn them from clutter into eye-catchers?

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Frame and Hang Your Keepsakes to Reduce Clutter


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  1. Linda Jean

    I have fabric to frame and display. I have pieces of several quilts – family heirlooms that were in poor condition so we cut them into pieces for family members to have. I have a Phillies’ rally rag. I don’t want to pay to have these framed – too expensive, I’ve looked into it. Any suggestions as to how to manage it as a diy project?

    1. Darla

      Linda, what a wonderful way to add color to your home. You can frame fabric in a similar way as I describe here. In fact, you can see a Phillies rally rag that I framed for this project in the 4th picture down in this article using a retail frame. Any retail-quality frame will work. The trick is to wrap the fabric around the backer board, if you can, so it doesn’t end up sliding down the backer board over time. You can also use a light dusting of spray adhesive, but be careful that it doesn’t soak through the fabric. If your fabric is valuable or very colorful, consider upgrading from regular frame glass to museum glass, which blocks UV rays and protects from fading. In any case, avoid hanging art and fabric in direct, harsh sunlight to keep them in good shape. Please send me a photo when you get those heirlooms up on your wall. And thanks for reading!

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