Teen Closet Organizing Makeover Without Doors

Who doesn’t love a good closet organizing makeover? This one is fun, short, and sweet. Although this teen closet makeover is a HUGE bang for the buck, it only took an afternoon to accomplish with the right advance planning.

Teen Closet Organizing Makeover

We started weeks ahead by measuring and ordering the custom-cut components for this FreedomRail system from Organized Living. Thankfully, we’ve been doing remote measurements for closet systems for years. Working virtually is nothing new for us. The shipping delays we ran into…that was a bit of a speed bump, but we got everything delivered right to their door in the end.

The teen who lives here had previously tried to make improvements by moving a wicker dresser into the closet, but it wasn’t quite what she needed. There was still so much wasted space! It’s hard to stay organized if you don’t have the right tools. That true for kids and adults, alike.

teen closet organizing makeover before


If you are the DIY-type, you can absolutely install this system yourself, saving you some money, but I’ll warn you, the hardest part is the demo. The old ledger board along the back and sides has to be removed, and if you aren’t patient and use the right tools, you can really damage the walls. You must use a pry bar and protect the wall, and you must go slowly! Then patch and paint what’s left behind.

teen closet organizing makeover removing ledger board


I installed the closet system while the family was at the beach. We’re making very limited in-person appointments, wearing a mask, and taking other measures to keep everyone safe. Using the time you aren’t in your house is ideal.

Once I get rolling, I forget to take pictures, so there’s no picture of the new closet system before I loaded it. Oops. But that just means we get to see the reveal that much quicker.

Double-hanging sections like the left side of this organized closet increase the useable space, for sure. The shelf on the very tippy-top gives the kiddo some space to store keepsakes out of the way.

teen closet organizing makeover double hanging

With the right layout, you probably don’t need anything special for shoe storage. Just line them up on the floor in plain sight. I added some cardboard inside the boots to make them stand up, which helps keep them more organized.

teen closet organizing makeover for shoes and boots

Adjustable shelving is awesome in kid’s closets. As their hobbies change, so do their space and layout needs.

teen closet organizing makeover adjustable shelving

This gal designated a small section for dresses, but we didn’t even need all of it, so we moved in a new 9-drawer Alex storage unit from IKEA for all of her makeup and doodads. LOVE all those shallow drawers! The split-shelf design of the closet let us hang the one formal gown from the higher rack to keep it off the floor. No need to design something special here.

teen closet organizing makeover with IKEA Alex unit

She tells me that she LOVES the cute display of fancy shoes and perfume. I believe that you should show off your beautiful things. Even a closet can be pretty with the right display.

teen closet organizing makeover displaying shoes

I wish more people took off their closet doors like this, so they could use all the space and see inside. With a closet this pretty, what’s to hide?

Are organized closets one of your goals this year?

Can you get there with the closets you have, or do you need to upgrade your closet system to something like this?

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