21 Day Holiday Countdown – There’s No Place Like Home

The holidays are coming. You know that thing you tell yourself every year?  

Im going to be more organized. 

Im going to enjoy it more. 

I’m not going to stress.  

This year we’ve got…well…2020 on top of everything else.  

My friends David Zyla and Sophia Clark and I were talking about our holidays. He’s a stylistauthor, and costume designer for CBS’s The Young and the Restless. She’s an internationally-known luxury furniture designer. 

We’ve been blessed to continue working and doing what we love this year, although we’ve each had to make adjustments the same way you have.  

The holidays are going to look different this year. Many people will choose not to travel far. Celebrations will be smaller. The pace will feel different.  

The three of us decided to offer up our best tips for style and home to make your holidays bright, whatever you celebrate. We’re already having a ton of fun, and we want to invite you along on our…um…holiday sleigh ride. It’s free just for you! 

While the three of us are blessed to have a glamorous day job, we each believe that simple is better, sustainable is beautiful, and there’s no place like home, especially during the holidays. 

Starting December 1, we’ll be posting a short video each day to inspire you to make the most of what you have. Our videos are under 5 minutes long, delivered right to your mailbox, and we each aim to solve a common holiday stressor or dilemma for you.  

It’s free, and there’s nothing to buy. This is our holiday gift to you.

There’s No Place Like Home. Register now for 21day countdown of spectacular style and home inspirations for the holidays. With our help, you’ll feel less cluttered and cozier. Both your home and your wardrobe will feel refreshed. And you’ll have a leg up on the fabulous new year that awaits us just around the corner.  

Speaking of looking to the future, we want you to have something fun to look forward toWe’ve decided to offer one lucky Countdown registrant a $750 travel gift certificate, a pretty sweet prize that will be awarded on 12/29. There are more details on the registration site.  

It’s free. It’s quick. It’s easy to register. And you are going to love getting to know my friends David and Sophia. Click here to register, and we’ll see you again on December 1 as we start the Countdown to the Holidays: There’s No Place Like Home.

Love & Mistletoe,