6 Minute Vacation to Australia and New Zealand

If you took a vacation in 2020, you were one of the lucky ones. Me? I’m traveling back in time via our photo books of our trips over the last few years. I sometimes see my daughter, who is my travel buddy, paging through them. Sigh. You know it’s a good book if the kiddo is looking at that instead of her computer.

Photo Books as Travel Gifts

We’ve taken several month-long trips over the last few years, mostly to France. After getting by with my terrible high-school French for so long, it’s great to finally be able to hold a conversation while my friends now say, “Bien sûr, je te comprends.” But of course, I understand you. My daughter doesn’t yet realize it, as she wrestles with verb conjugations, but French may be one of my most important gifts to her. Embarrassingly, her accent is so much better than mine already. She’s even been mistaken for a native French speaker!

I haven’t written about these trips because, at some level, I felt like writing an article would somehow mean the trip was really over.

They say God’s timing is perfect, and now is the time to share my Australia/New Zealand trip with you.

Come Visit Australia and New Zealand with Me

You deserve these 6 minutes to escape to some of my favorite places in the world. You’ll have a hard time believing that this trip took place during August, which is winter down under. We’re often seen wearing coats, but you’ll also see us at the beach, playing in parks, and eating outdoors before it was as trendy as it is now. If you look really hard, you might also see a Hobbit or two. (Any other LOTR fans out there?)

Enjoy this 6-minute vacation. Then ask yourself, do you have a milestone trip of your own that you’d like to revisit?

My team at HeartWork Organizing would love to help you turn your memories into a one-of-a-kind gift for travel lovers. Their own personal travelogue might scratch the travel itch for grounded jet-setters until we are all back out there, wantonly taking public transportation, touching all the things, and sharing air with strangers like it was perfectly normal. 

Your favorite travels might have been no farther than your backyard barbeques. Retrospectives of the grandkids visiting the backyard pool or the family beach house can also make beautiful and thoughtful gifts. These are gifts they won’t want to return, and they are sooooo much better than a gift card. You can share your custom video with as many people as you’d like (we’ll show you how), which is more gift bang for your buck. They’ll be able to replay it over and over, which is the perfect self-care to get us through the rest of the pandemic, don’t you think? I’m also a big fan of having something to rattle and unwrap, so we’ll turn your digital project into a very real gift-wrapped treasure in a keepsake box or a photo album for you to put a bow on.

When you need to go to your happy place, just replay your travel video and–boom!–there you are. If this is just the–ah–ticket for you this year, please get in touch. We have a limited number of calendar openings for client holiday video projects, and we’d love for yours to be one of them. Projects start at $499 for 100 photos, edited, curated, set to music, and produced just for you.

Shhhh, the show is about to start…


Even if you can’t travel this winter, you can still be close to people and places you love. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what we heard from one client recently.

“The video is awesome. I really love it. Everyone raved about my nephew’s video. I was the star of the party. Thank you all so much for working on it.” – Kelly B.

Need more ideas? Check out this video celebration for a young man’s high school graduation. This project also includes a video clip, a personal touch that makes your gift incredibly special. This is a two-minute clip of a longer video, just to give you inspiration for your project. Email me with your questions to start yours today. 

It gets even easier. Just click here and schedule your 20-minute free virtual consultation right on my calendar to plan your project. See you soon, mate.


6 minute vacation to Australia and New Zealand


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  1. Melanie D

    Loved seeing Australia through your eyes:) Thanks for sharing this! A more interesting way to share pictures! Btw, love that you got to see Hobbiton!! The actual location in New Zealand was not taken down? Or is it a re-creation?

    1. Darla

      Yes, the Hobbiton we visited was the actual movie set. It was built twice, and the second time the family who owned the land negotiated to leave it up and be able to operate it as a tourist destination. It’s really a very unique spot, more real than a movie set, and not as kitschy as Disney.

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