Better Than Candy

Halloween means overflowing bowls of free candy to kids, but what’s better than candy for adults? Taking control of your own life. Creating your own path to a life you love is worth more than all the candy in the world. Look, organizing doesn’t fix everything all the time, but being organized does make it easier to handle accidents, challenges, and general chaos when it happens.

Honestly, candy was my thing until very recently. I wrote about my sugar addiction here and here, and the weirdest way that I finally broke my sugar addiction…in Paris of all places. Last week my family attended an (outdoor, timed and socially-distanced, masks-required) event where my kid, of course, received a goodie bag stuffed with candy. That bag has been sitting on the corner of my desk all week, and I haven’t even peeked inside. That would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. I would have devoured ALL THE CANDY IMMEDIATELY in order to protect my child. So, see, people can change!

That’s why I’m reminding you today about the Abundance By Design Summit that is wrapping up today, which you still have time to join. Change is possible, if you have the right tools.

Abundance by Design SUMMIT Speakers


You can access it for FREE through today. No strings. No kidding. Just register here. 

If you’ve never attended an online summit before, think of it as uplifting podcasts or on-demand TV. You just click to listen and/or watch on your phone or computer. The experts in this summit will share their best wisdom about designing your home, your health, and your financial stability.

Our host and creator of this idea is Sophia Clark, owner of Galiatea Design. She’s a Texas-based, American-French designer who I loved as soon as I met her, and you will, too. She’s a breath of fresh air with big ideas. Like many business owners, she had to shut down parts of her design business this year, but she redirected that energy to branching out where it matters…making connections with other amazing people. She’s made me think of that Casey Kasem sign off, “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.” I want to be around people who are still striving for their own personal best AND at the same time wanting to put good thoughts and energy out in the world for others. There can’t be too much of that in 2020, right?

This summit also includes some of my other favorite people. Liz Jenkins, owner of A Fresh Space in Nashville, is a personal friend, a NAPO colleague, and like me, she’s one of just 350 Certified Professional Organizers® worldwide. She’s amazing. I’m personally looking forward to meeting all the other experts in the summit, myself, reaching out to them via LinkedIn, Instagram, and other places they hang out. Some of the summit attendees have already reached out to me, which I love! This already feels like a place full of friends.

If you read this on 10/31/2020, you still have time to register and listen for free. You will also have access to bonuses from each speaker. For the first time ever, I’ve made the first two chapters of my book, The Upbeat, Organized Home Office, available as a free download, and included two other valuable bonuses. Most other summit speakers also have goodies for you, too.

And it’s good to have options, right? Maybe you read this after the summit plays live, or you want more time to listen to all the interviews, or you want to listen more than once. Way better than binging more candy, listening to these positive voices over the coming weeks could literally change the course of your life. Chocolate may be yummy, but it usually isn’t life-changing. For that, you can get lifetime recordings of the sessions and have access to your free gifts/guides, when you sign up for the ALL-ACCESS PASS (which is currently just $97). Not only do you get the recordings, but there will be several bonus prizes drawings for All-Access Pass subscribers. I’ve offered one session of virtual organizing (a $125 value), and there will be other prizes from some other speakers.

No matter when you register, here is what is included in the ALL-ACCESS PASS:

  • Get lifetime access to recordings from all the summit’s sessions

  • Get access to discounts, bonus offers, and giveaways from the panel of speakers

  • Be entered into raffle drawings for SIX amazing domestic and international trips to places like Las Vegas, Hawaii, Greece, Rio de Janeiro, Bali, and Turkey – that can each be traveled to over the NEXT 24 months

Sophia, the host of our summit, is doing something I’ve never seen done before. She’s drawing for vacation vouchers to ALL SIX of these destinations. How great would it be to have a trip like this to look forward to???

Abundance By Design Summit Travel IMAGE

Seriously, if I weren’t already speaking at this summit, I would be registering!!! Of these six choices, it’s a toss-up between a trip to Greece or Bali for me, but I could enjoy a trip to any of these beautiful paces post-COVID.

Here’s my tip: register asap, listen to as many of the speakers as you can for free today, and if you find it’s for you, register for the All-Access Pass then.

What about you? Will you register for the Abundance By Design Summit because of the positive energy, the possibility of kicking your sugar addiction, the very tactical tips on designing your life, or the chance to travel? Just like my travel dreams, there isn’t a wrong answer here. Just don’t delay. Start a more abundant life with one click. 

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This post includes sponsored links. If you purchase the All-Access pass, I will receive a small commission.