Productivity in a Click: Mind Maps from Canva + 3 Tips

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Yes, this is my third article published this week. Some weeks this summer it was just too discouraging to post, but apparently I was put on this earth to help you make the most of your home, which has become everything during this strange time. There’s never been a better time to up your game with home organizing, decorating, and productivity (#WFH) info. THANKS for being a reader. My aim is to spoil you with value and useful information.


And now on to my favorite find this week…Mind Maps from Canva! I am seriously so excited about this.

Productivity in a Click

Impress your boss, look polished, organized, and super productive…all for free and without having to learn new software. #GameChanger

If you love having a non-linear, non-listy way to capture ideas, then you are probably all over mind maps like I’ve talked about in this article and in my latest book.

I just found a new category called Mind Maps (click for the link because it’s not easy to find) in It’s free and “ridiculously easy to use.” Click to get started with using my referral link.

How to design a mind map

  1. Choose a mind map template.
  2. Click on the text to start customizing your mind map.
  3. Customize details like colors and fonts.
  4. Choose from our stunning range of graph elements, like frames, shapes and lines.
  5. Save and share.

It really is that easy, and the mind maps are really, really pretty. Tap a circle or a square to add your idea and drag-and-drop the shapes to connect or separate the ideas from each other. Start with any template, like this one for visiting Paris! It’s just a template, so you can plot anything important to you. Change colors and other design elements without hiring a graphic designer. I love graphic designers and think every company should have a graphic designer on staff to make them look good, but this is an option for the rest of us.

Canva Mind Map Templates for Productivity


How can you stay focused while working from home with distractions all day long? A mind map helps you get random and disconnected thoughts out of your head into a plan that you can save and share with others. Also, collaborate with your team using a shareable link. Won’t you look smart sharing with a beautifully organized set of tasks like this with your (remote) manager?

Canva mind map traditional


Even if you don’t have a boss right now, doesn’t a smart chart like this feel more polished than that stack of sticky notes on the side of your desk???

Canva mind map traditional 2

Have you heard of mind maps before? Do you love these Canva mind map templates as much as I do?