Homes Have Become Our Everything -Make the Most of Your Home During the Pandemic

Home. Office. Refuge. Staycation. Gym. Tech den. Recording studio. Movie theater. Restaurant. Home has to do it all now.

That’s why I’m sharing several resources for you today to help you make the most of your home…for YOU, right now.

I like to spoil you. 🙂

Homes Have Become Our Everything

*** How to Hang a Photo Gallery

Have you ever wanted to hang a gallery wall of photos? If you are missing family, you can bring them into your home with a gallery wall. I’m going to show you decorator secrets for hanging the perfect gallery wall, large or small, without tears and plaster repair. Register here. It’s free thanks to our friends at, so please share with friends. It’s happening next week August 4 at noon eastern. How did it get to be August already????

Gallery wall hanging art


*** How to Organize Your Home Office

Does the picture above of a colorful and organized home office have you rethinking yours? To keep inspiring YOU, I’ve arranged to have my newest book, The Upbeat Organized Home Office available for a free download for one day only on July 31. That’s this Friday! Put it on your calendar to grab your Kindle version for free, or order your paperbook so you can mark up the important bits.

BestSeller The Upbeat Organized Home Office


If you’ve already downloaded your copy, may I suggest that you take a look at Chapter 7: Taming Office Gremlins? I have been helping scads of people with basic tech questions over the last few months, and this chapter offers great strategies in there to help you with our remote-only world that we are living in right now. Sadly, it looks like we’re going to have to do more and more from our phones and computers for at least 6 months or so, and some things may only ever happen online in the future, so it’s best to make peace with it now.

If you’ve already purchased this book, thank you for heading back to the sales page on Amazon and leaving a review. It will help more people get help with their home office. Many thanks.

*** How to Get Basic Help on your Computer or Phone

If you feel like you are just barely getting by with tech, like the simplest things are still harder than they should be, then I want to invite you to a new free event that I’m calling Tech Check. It’s a chance for you to get your “dumb questions” answered. (There are no dumb questions. Seriously.) It’s a hands-on forum where YOU will ask the questions. I will not be lecturing nor will I have slides. YOUR question is bound to help others when we answer it together. My goal is to end your frustration on your most basic tech troubles. Here’s how it works:

  • You register
  • You ask one question during the call
  • You share your computer screen with me (I’ll even show you how to do that!) and solve your problem

I’m going to run the first one as a test this Tuesday (that’s today!)at 2:30 eastern time, and a second one this Thursday night at 6:30 pm eastern (please note the time change). Come to one or both. Both are free. These will NOT be recorded, so you must register and attend live. Register for the free Tech Check here. 

***How to Search Better

I created this 6-minute video yesterday for you because these are things I help clients with literally every day. I’m sure one of these three tips, especially how to “Google better” will help you.

*** How to Get Your Kid to Clean Their Room

And here’s something just for parents. So many people have asked for something to help their kid get more organized. Just kidding. All the parents I know are wondering what to do with their kid this August, like this summer hasn’t been tough enough. I’m offering a “Refresh Your Room with SORT and Succeed” virtual summer session for a small group. The genius isn’t that it’s based on the SORT and Succeed system that YOU already know. No, the genius is that after we spend time together in a live Zoom “camp” that includes cleverly disguised organizing games, stories, and dance parties, your kid will not only have a clean room (maybe for the first time this summer), but they’ll know how to keep it more organized forever! Did I mention that my kid, who is way cooler than I am, is going to co-lead the event with me? We’re going to run this for 5 days during the week of August 10. It’s geared for boys and girls ages 7-12. Who is in? We are getting registration ready for you, but if this sounds uh-maze-ing, please drop me an email. I’d appreciate it. Just imagine…clean room, no tears.


That’s a lot of goodies to click on. I hope that somewhere in here I’ve made you smile. I look forward to seeing you soon.


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