6 Minute Photo Organizing Tips

How are you coming on your photo organizing project?

6-minute photo organizing tips

Still stuck on exactly where to start? Here’s my answer to the host of Bloom on WFLA-TV8 when she asked me where you should start. Start with where you are most comfortable. Love your old printed photos? Gather them together, take over the dining room table, and start sorting.

Watch this 6-minute clip for a tip that will save you HOURS and maybe WEEKS of sorting time!


Love all things digital? You are probably annoyed that your family’s old photos are stuck in albums and boxes, and you can’t just scroll to your favorite #TBT photos. If that’s you, start there.

Watch the clip above to learn about the one essential item that ALL of my photo organizing clients must have when they start organizing photos.

In five years, will it matter that you organized your closet? Again??? Probably not.

In five years, will it matter that you organized your photos? Finished a baby book? Turned childhood artwork into a keepsake book?


My employees and I have been busier than ever during the pandemic helping people who are downsizing, celebrating graduations, and connecting with family across the miles. In fact, we’ve taken on several new clients, some of whom we will never meet in person. We can often get you organized 100% remotely.

If you are more of the DIY-type, this 1-hour video on how to organize photos is for you, courtesy of the Radnor Memorial Library. I love to help people remember that photo organizing is not about tech, but rather about telling YOUR story. Click through to find out who that glamorous lady in the thumbnail below is.

What questions do you have about where to start on your photo organizing project? How can we help you enjoy your photos again?

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