I am Proud of You

And now for some good news…

There’s been an uptick in my emails that start with, “You’d be proud of me…” These are all quotes I’ve gotten from virtual clients and past clients since we went into lockdown…

I cleaned out a closet with my granddaughter today.” I think that’s awesome.

Sometimes you send a question. “What should I do with my dad’s old apothecary scale. Do you think it’s valuable?” I’m happy to do a quick online search, which in this case reveals that it’s not valuable, and so it gets donated without regret. Your project continues. That’s progress.

Sometimes you just send me a photo of a project you’ve just completed. I get to see your garage before/after or perhaps a bookcase or a closet. Or a basement! It’s all fun for me.

I am Proud of You (Organizing Success)


I get to see the accent wall you painted, the clever storage hack you figured out for your space, and the pile of papers that you put out for the recycling pickup.

I’ve seen more tops of bedroom dressers than you can imagine. That’s a very popular project!

One of the things I miss the most is finding money for you. We find money–cash and checks–almost every week, but now you guys are looking for it. “Finally tackled organizing medical bills. I found a refund check in one!😃😄😁

And this from someone I’ve worked with for years on organizing finances and career searches. “I checked out my student loan balance today.  I assumed it was still in the double digits but it’s down to a mere $6688.  It’s so shocking — in a good way!  I had no idea it was this low.  I can easily pay this off today.

Yes, organizing is more than cabinets and drawers. We help you organize your thoughts and finances, too! If there ever was a time to have money in the bank and an emergency fund, this is it!

Some people send me photos privately in email, trusting me to celebrate with them while keeping their details confidential. Others really need validation to keep making organizing progress, and they do better when they can share their pictures with our caring, encouraging, and private Facebook group, which you are welcome to join. Here’s what we are focusing on this year, room by room.

2020 Clutter-Free FB cover png


Folks who have enrolled in the Save Your Photos with SORT and Succeed class can send in a picture of their finished photo album to be featured in a blog post.

Save Your Photos with SORT and Succeed course

This one came just this week from a reader. “Just wanted to THANK YOU! I bought all of your SORT and Succeed books. Wrote down the 15 reasons I want to organize the disaster. (Mainly I wanted to be able to get in the guest bedroom that has become the dumping ground…). Finally just decided to go for it. I went through 5 boxes in 4 hours. Thanks again for the inspiration.

And this from a different follower in the Facebook Clutter-free group: “I highly recommend purchasing a hard copy of SORT and Succeed. I’ve been using the S.O.R.T. method for a little longer than a year, and I’ve made untold progress. Your book is totally ADD user friendly. I’m the poster child for never knowing where to start, and how to stay on task. People who are organized enough to write books on decluttering may nail the problem, but write such long books that we followers are defeated before we begin. SORT and Succeed is short, clear, and simple. Anyone with desire can follow this method. Over and over again, large rooms, and small projects: same steps. My house is being transformed in hundreds of little areas that are adding up to a more streamlined lifestyle without my even realizing how revolutionary this is.

SORT and Succeed books


No joke, as I was writing this for you, another one came in: “You got me unstuck!  Yay!!  Gave me places to send stuff. .. I can visualize it now and decide what to do next.” This gal is making an offer on a new home in a few days (during a pandemic!!!), so that’s a really big step from where she was just a few weeks ago.

You’ve opted into my email list or you’ve landed on my web page looking for help with organizing or decorating…and even if we’ve never met, I’m proud of you! It is no small thing to look outside of yourself and ask for help. It is something to make a change, however big or small. It’s taken months or years for some of these people I’ve quoted above to achieve what they are achieving. Need I remind you that it’s been especially hard to stay on track in 2020?? Don’t take for granted that everyone is doing what you are doing…because they aren’t.

Even if we never meet, if you are organizing your home and life, I hope YOU are proud of YOU, because I am.

I am Proud of You (Organizing Success)