Best Desks for a Home Office that You Haven’t Seen Yet

We’ve been at this national work from home experiment for a while now. Are you still working from the couch or the kitchen island? It might be time to invest in a real desk.

Best Desks for a Home Office that You Haven't Seen Yet


But wait, before you go buy something, make sure that you haven’t overlooked the obvious. Do you have something that will work just fine–or maybe even fabulously? Check out what you have in storage.

I had completely forgotten that my old home office desk was in our basement. I haven’t used it in fifteen years except to store my power tools off the floor. But when we got the call that the kiddos weren’t going back to school, we moved it into my teen’s room. She was thrilled, and I was shocked that she liked it. It’s a very sturdy solid-wood piece from when unfinished furniture was trendy. That was before Pinterest. Now you won’t see naked furniture because we paint All. The. Things.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a forgotten desk in the basement, then look to your dining room. Most people hardly ever use their dining room. Think of that large shiny surface as your executive office.

If those options are already tapped out, then here are some of the best desks that I’ve seen for delivery that you probably haven’t seen yet. Affiliate links are included so you can easily look up your favorites.

Best Desks for a Home Office


Best Desks for Home Offices that You Haven’t Seen Yet

  1. Barn doors are hot, but folding desks are hotter right now. Get a folding desk from Utah-based Rustica, which also makes barn doors and hardware…because you might need to put a door on the dining room or family room to complete the transformation to home office. They are graciously offering my readers to use the code welcome10 on your first order to get 10% off.
  2. A convertible desk opens up to give you a sturdy surface to work, but then folds to tuck into your decor, pulling double duty as an entry drop zone. I really like the cross-leg detail on the Derby from Amazon. At counter-height, it will work with your existing bar stools, or use it as a standing workstation.
  3. If like me, you want to find a spot for a youngster or for a small space, the Parmley small space desk from Wayfair fits the bill. It’s got a mid-century vibe and plenty of storage for small things that kids always lose. Having a cable pass-through in the desk is an often overlooked detail, but it’s included here.
  4. Still sleek but a little more sophisticated, this black cross-leg Dayne desk with gold detail also looks good in the main part of your home. In fact, I own a cousin to this desk, where my other daughter is camped out in the living room for her new homeschool zone.
  5. If you are looking for a true standing desk, this electric-adjustable model with a light cherry top fits the bill for a very reasonable price.
  6. Origami desks are similar to the brand’s popular folding bookcase design. No tools. When folded, the desk is only 7″ wide, so your space can turn back into a guest room when this is all over. Unfold it in the middle, and you have a sturdy desk that weighs just 40 pounds.
  7. Personally, I always prefer a desk with a file drawer. This reversible Lois desk allows you to put your supplies on the right side, whatever side that is for you. I love the modern design that feels clean and bright.
  8. Edited: I stumbled on this adjustable height desk that doesn’t look like a clunky corporate model thanks to the industrial-style hand crank, and wanted to share this, too. Don’t be fooled. It’s from LampsPlus, but they have cool furniture there, too.

You’re going to need a desk for the photo organizing project that you are going to want to start soon. Heads up, I’ve introduced a brand new photo organizing class that will have you spreading out and enjoying those treasured photos again.

Tell me, do you love your home office desk, or are you still looking for something that will work for you?



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  1. Pat

    My best desks, 2 – back to back (one side = one IKEA table top resting on two 2 drawer files with space in middle for foot stool and recycle box (my favorite recycle boxes are blueberry boxes-(holds 8 pints- from farm markets.) Sturdy, easy to carry out to recycle bin because they don’t get too heavy. Makes a space of 5’6″ x 5’2″. Inexpensive and very practical. Room for printer, scanner etc on top with computer on each side.

    1. Darla

      You know me well. I LOVE that you are using things that you already own to create a desk!

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