Look Here for Hand Sanitizer

Organized yet? I hope your family is home safe. This virus is no joke, and I am amazed at the people who are still trying to work outside of the safety precautions that have been put in place. But if you are, like me and my family, playing by the rules, then you are at home. Now that we have a new routine (it only took a few days to completely change everything, lol), I’m thinking that we might get some more heavy-duty organizing accomplished. If you aren’t quite there yet, let me give you an incentive to organize at home: you might find your forgotten stash of hand sanitizer!

Look Here for Hand Sanitizer-HeartWork Organizing


If you do finally want to get to those lingering organizing projects, you’ll find that creating order at home right now can be an effective way of reducing stress and uncertainty. Remember, there WILL be an AFTER. What will you have to show for your “downtime” when we all go back to our lives? Will you remember the movies you binged and the cookies you baked? Do something today that will make this time really valuable. And because I’m sick of companies sending tone-deaf daily emails to buy their stuff when there is so much financial uncertainty right now, I’m putting some of my very valuable free resources out here for you:

Simplify Your Life Summit with Justin Croskery



As promised, here are the places you should organize right now and look for hand sanitizer:

  • Bathroom closet
  • Linen closet
  • Pantry
  • Coat and jacket pockets
  • Suitcases and travel supplies
  • Backpacks
  • Old diaper bags and purses
  • Kid’s drawers and nightstands
  • Kid’s summer camp supplies
  • Camping gear
  • Your family’s emergency GO bag
  • Your car storage compartments
  • Your garage
  • Your basement
  • Tote bags you got at professional conferences with promotional items that you threw in the corner of your office

(Note to corporate conference organizers: Guess what the most prized giveaway is going to be for the next few years???)

Did you find a stash of hand sanitizer that you forgot you had? Even if it’s older, I’d keep and use what you have right now.

Please leave a comment if you found some hand sanitizer in one of these spots.

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Look Here for Hand Sanitizer-HeartWork Organizing

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    1. Darla

      Thanks for posting. A lot of people are looking for good recipes. I would just ask people to keep the CDC recommendations in mind about what actually works.

  1. Cosette

    Guest room bathroom!

    1. Darla


  2. Christine

    I actually knew where I had all my mini hand sanitizers! They were all in the ‘soaps’ bin in the linen closet. Now the I’m not saying that closet is a picture of organization however I can find things and while the towels are not exactly neat they are grouped together. Small hands make that closet a losing battle right now. Go get a towel means they must pull the one from the bottom of the pile instead of the one on the top… one day it will be neat again… one day…

    1. Darla

      That’s an #OrganizingWin! Stay safe, Christine.

  3. Bonnie Johnson

    Darla, This was a great article on hand sanitizer. I actually found some in a file cabinet drawer which I no longer use and a trade show give away bag stored in my home office closet.

    Thanks for sharing and be safe out there!

    1. Darla

      Aw, thanks for letting me know. That makes me so happy! Be safe out there.

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