Have You Smiled Today?

Earth is closed. Hugs are forbidden. Children no longer go to school. TP and fresh chicken are the new gold standard. And yet, there’s this ten seconds of simple fun that will make you smile.

Usually, I’m all about clutter-free living, but this week it’s about silver lining living, as one of my friends said. As in, I’m seeing silver linings all over the place. Not that this is easy. Not that this won’t get worse before it gets better. I’m not all pollyanna here. But mindset matters.

There WILL be an after.

The world HAS been through much worse.

We WILL get through this.

Our children ARE watching.

We CAN choose to be kind.

That’s why I’m inviting you to enroll in the Simplify Your Life Summit. I almost made the mistake of deleting Justin’s email, but I’m so glad I didn’t! He has the outlook that we need more of these days, and I hope you’ll take me up on meeting him.

When you hear his story, how he was raised through challenging circumstances and has focused himself on helping others, you’ll probably realize–like I did–that this man was put on this earth to help heal and strengthen the people around him. I personally can’t wait to listen to all the experts that he’s gathered together. The recordings are very fresh, so you’ll be getting some thoughtful insight on how successful people recommend living simply, even with these uncertain times.

Justin Croskery is creating a ripple effect by supporting men and women around the world in achieving something we all desire, Simplicity. Justin is a health and mindset coach on a mission to bring YOU all of the tips, tricks & tools that he didn’t have during his own journey.

Growing up with an absent father and a bi-polar single mother who struggled with addiction and abusive behavior, Justin didn’t exactly have the best role models early in his life to learn from. In his effort to not fall in the same footsteps of his mother and absent father, Justin has done some things really well…AND not so well through this journey.  So, Justin decided to take on a project to learn the approaches of other coaches, healers, financial experts, marketing/business gurus and entrepreneurs to control his own chaos and lack of time he felt he had in order to simplify his life.  Justin has brought together 20+ high achieving experts (myself included) to share our knowledge and daily habits we use to create our best health, happiness and success!

This free Simplify Your Life Summit isn’t some veiled attempt to sell something. In fact, each speaker is offering a free gift, and I can’t wait to check them all out. More importantly, after meeting with Justin, I’m convinced that there are going to be some real gems in there.

If you’ve never attended an online summit before, the concept is simple. Instead of wasting time in front of Facebook or the latest Netflix show, you click on short videos that Justin and his guests have pre-recorded. Videos are usually about a half-hour, you’ll have free access through March 28, and I always learn something new. You don’t need any tech skills. If you can open an email, then you can participate.

There’s no way I could keep this positive, insightful content from you, especially since we are all trying to figure out new routines, and we all have the opportunity to simplify right now. These free recordings might just be the positive, grounding forces that you need.

The Simplify Your Life Summit starts in just a few days, on 3/19 if everything stays on track, so sign up now. You don’t want to miss this. Because if you don’t yet have a smile today, I’ll give you one of mine.

See you at the summit.

Simplify Your Life Summit with Justin Croskery