Home Features that are Overlooked but are Worth It

I’m ready to think about spring, a time for renewal and for looking at new homes. Whether you are planning to move, planning to update your home, or just dreaming, here are some home features that are overlooked but are worth it.

Home Features that are Overlooked but are Worth It

A pantry. Bonus points if it’s well-constructed, with not too-deep shelves, maybe some pull-outs, and useful space on the door.

organized pantry

Heated floors. Once you have them, you might never go back.

heated bathroom floors are an overlooked home feature

Hidden appliances. Having a place to park your toaster, coffee maker, and whatever the trendy countertop appliance is today is priceless. Ideally, your hiding spot allows you to charge your gear out of sight. Add outlets inside the pantry! Keep your counters clear with hidden spaces for appliances.

kitchen remodel after (13) with electric in the pantry

A laundry room that is well-located…think in the master closet or on the second floor where all the bedrooms are, so laundry never has to leave the floor where the closets are. Also in the same category…a folding counter. Ditto for an installed drying rack, whether wall-mounted or ceiling mounted. If you are really, really lucky, you have an older home with a laundry chute. (They are generally against code in newer homes.)

beautiful organized laundry rooms are overlooked

Built-in horizontal wine storage. Whether you think wine fridge or a simple lattice cabinet replacement, having a place to store wine makes it easy to keep a few favorite bottles on hand and in good condition.

kitchen remodel with horizontal wine storage


An elevator. Seriously, if you have more than three or more floors, why wouldn’t you want one? Perhaps the best reason to have one is to help an aging pet avoid the stairs in their later days. Many of the newer homes I work in are built with an elevator as a standard feature. It certainly makes getting organized easier.

dog in elevator overlooked home feature

A finished storage closet. Having a basement is normal, but there is usually an unfinished space where the extra stuff is stored. But finish that storage space, and you’ve got a nice place to stash holiday decorations, spider-free.

How to Organize Basement shelves

Speaking of basements and family room spaces, a wet bar isn’t anything new, but having a mini-kitchen near the home movie theater makes serving yourself easier, and keeps the kids happy.

basement makeover kitchenette

Lockers. Whether they are tucked into an entryway or stashed inside the garage, a locker that combines some closed and open storage keeps the family organized. You might still have a pile of shoes, but if each family member has his or her own pile inside a locker drawer, that’s a lot easier to live with.

What home features do you think are overlooked? Would you build any or all of these home features into your dream home?

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Home Features that are Overlooked but are Worth It