The Case Against Rugs in the Kitchen

I’m pretty much a hard no on rugs in the kitchen. They look pretty in magazines, but here’s the hard truth: they are nearly impossible to keep clean.

I’m not talking about rugs at the entrance of the kitchen, for instance in front of the back door, or in the “mudroom” part of the kitchen. But right in the middle where the action is, kitchen rugs are often either too slippery or curled up at the edges, causing traffic problems.

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If you are going to have a rug in the kitchen, then I strongly recommend getting a rug that does not have a rubber backing. A rug that isn’t backed will be washable, and you can dry it more than a few times, which is where backed rugs start to come apart in pieces. Trim a gripper-style pad to fit underneath, or use these corner pieces that tape to your rug, but are non-slip on the floor-side without damaging your floor with adhesive.

A kitchen rug usually works best with max dimensions of 3’x4’ or standard runner sizes (about 2’x8’) to be able to easily wash it at home.

Opt for something that is two-sided or double-sided. You might be thinking of a country-style woven rag rug, but there are plenty of two-sided rugs to choose from. A simple cotton rug works nicely. Don’t be afraid to look in the bath section for great styles and colors. Two-sided rugs can be flipped over quickly if your company is coming and you need a quick refresh (or stain hide).

Just a note, be sure to check specs on rugs if you are buying them online. Confirm there is a picture of the corner flipped up, where you can verify that the underside is also a “good “ side. This isn’t always obvious or correct in product descriptions. Click here for some double-sided rug options. 

Another option is this company: which makes beautiful, interchangeable rugs that come with their own pad, making them washable.

One last thought: buy a kitchen rug that you ADORE instead of a dozen that you kind of like. Rugs in storage are space hogs, so spring for one that you are happy to see every day rather than eat up precious storage space in a closet.

Do you have a rug in your kitchen? Does it make you happy?

The Case Against Rugs in the Kitchen