They Said It Was Funny: The Upbeat, Organized Home Office Book {Time Sensitive}

I did NOT expect this. I am a lot of things, but I would never admit to being funny. Not on purpose. But I kept hearing this from the advance reviewers: The Upbeat, Organized Home Office made me chuckle at times…and even laugh out loud!

Sure, there’s work to do, but we can have fun while we’re inspiring you to make life-altering changes, right? My goal with this book is to help you create an office that makes you smile, so if you smile at some of my stories or comparisons, then that works, too.

Launch Day for The Upbeat Organized Home Office

Download your Kindle copy for free today and tomorrow. My team and I made sure that this third book in the SORT and Succeed series was going to be available for you to make real changes in your office this year, and here it is.

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Today, over 41% of Americans with professional degrees work from home at least sometimes. It’s no surprise that 100% of stay-at-home moms also work at home (that’s easy math). Absolutely everyone answers email, pays bills, and charges electronics at home these days. Whether your home base is an alcove, a dining room table, or a whole room, your office should be a place that makes you smile.

OK, what’s in it for you? This short book walks you through real, concrete steps on how to deal with all the things that you find in a work-at-home space:

  • paper
  • email
  • snail mail
  • digital information
  • apps (just enough to help your productivity and not too much to make you crazy)
  • tax returns
  • passwords!!!
  • video calls
  • and all the other things that co-exist with your home office, like guest rooms, craft rooms, side businesses, and the cat.

You’ve been following me for a while, so you know that some interesting brain science shows up in The Upbeat, Organized Home Office to help us understand why we do what we do in our offices. You’ll learn what marshmallows tell us about ourselves and how to make use of nudges.

Don’t miss the valuable bonuses, too:

  • Important home office elements you might be missing (special edition sketch!)
  • Tickler System instructions
  • A list of productivity apps the cool kids are using these days

Upbeat Organized Home Office ipad layflat

What’s the catch? Why would I give away this book for free? Honestly, I’m counting on you to leave a review shortly after you download it. (Within the next week would be lovely, please and thank you.)

But the real reason I’m giving it to my followers is because YOU are why I am a professional organizer and author…and I LOVE what I do! After fifteen years in business, my team and I get the joy and blessing of being invited into your home to help you do the thing you were put on this earth to do. The encouragement, rules, and chuckles in this book are the same as what I share with clients when we work one-on-one. This kindle copy is my gift to you.

But I’ve gotta earn a living, so download it on Monday and Tuesday before my publisher starts charging for it, okay?

Honestly, I can’t tell you why people keep telling me the book is funny. I won’t be doing standup anytime soon, so you’ll just have to download the book for yourself and see what you think. I look forward to hearing how you change your home office to the best room in your home this year.



Thanks in advance for leaving your review!

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