The Hanger Solution for Kids

This week is crazypants here in HeartWork Organizing land, and I’ve had to pull off several articles I had planned to publish for you, but I’m going to just give you one quick little organizing tip. If you are switching over summer to winter wardrobes like we just did, check your hangers. There’s a right time to be on the lookout for this hanger solution for kids.

Other mothers might cry about how fast their children are growing up, sighing about toys they never play with anymore or adorable habits they’ve grown out of.

Me? I’m sad my she outgrew her baby hangers.

For less than $10, I upgraded her hangers to adult non-slip slim hangers, and look what a difference it makes. (I bought mine locally, but they are similar to this slim gripper plastic hanger set.) (affiliate link)

My daughter’s closet before with children’s hangers:

Outgrowing childrens hangers and switching to adult non-slip slim hangers

My daughter’s closet after with children’s hangers:

It’s such a simple fix, but I couldn’t possibly expect her to keep her clothes off the floor when they kept falling off because the hangers were just too small.

Sniff, sniff. My baby is growing up.

Even if you don’t have a little one who is changing sizes, you can see that just having one hanger type in your closet makes it look instantly organized.

When you help the little people in your life learn to use their hangers to take care of their clothes, make sure they have the right size hangers, too.

The Hanger Solution for Kids